Vikings were great warriors and explorers who enjoyed great and endless feasts, adventures and parties. Can you imagine being part of these celebrations?

On July 29 and 30 Cava de Quesos Bocanegra gives you the opportunity to live a weekend full of eating and drinking, just as those legendary characters did: with the best cheese, beer and wine of the region.

During the event you can enjoy live music spectacles, handcrafts corridor, a great variety of wine and beer of regional makers and delicious and unique dishes such as roasted rabbit and wild boar meat, as well as contests and activities for all the family.  

The access has a cost of $150 pesos per person and includes a complimentary beer, concerts and access to the exhibitor area. You can buy them at the box office the day of the event, but do not forget to arrive early as the space is limited. Now you know! Prepare your appetite and your Viking attitude, because you have a date on the last weekend of July after 11:00h to enjoy this fun 100% family event.