Since the 16th century, the Feasts of La Cruz are a historical tradition full of mysticism in Querétaro. They commemorate the battle between Indians and Spaniards in the Cerro del Sangremal that concluded, according to legend, with the appearance of Santiago Apostle giving origin to the city.

Live this tradition from September 12 to 15 in the Historic Center of the city of Querétaro. Surround yourself with the smoke of the copal, the rhythm of the mandolins, seashells and huehuetls, and let yourself be carried by the dances of the concheros. The first day, be part of the traditional "Gallo" and the "velación" that lasts all night, to later on start the parade of shellfish, apaches and matachines the next day. Accompany them from the Barrio de San Francisquito, along the avenue Zaragoza, Corregidora, up to the Templo de la Cruz. The 15 of September will conclude with the ancestral dance and the mass of the Holy Cross.



Plaza Fundadores. Independencia s/n, Centro, La Cruz, 76000 Santiago de Querétaro, Qro.

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