Mestizo dishes, just as our people

As well as our mestizo people, their dishes are made with pre-Colonial and european ingredients and preparations; its diversity reflects the richness, joy and colorfulness of the mexican cuisine. The ingredients such as chicken, beef, pork, cream and cheese hold together with a delicious result of the merge with indigenous elements like beans, chile, tomato, salsas and, of course, corn, an important ingredient of mexican cuisine. Visit any of the three locations:

- Av. Plaza Cimatario #1201-A, Plazas del Sol, Santiago de Querétaro.

- Prol. Tecnológico #950 local 11, San Pablo, Santiago de Querétaro.

- Av. Amsterdam 162, Tejeda, Santiago de Querétaro.



Av. Plaza Cimatario 1201-A, Plazas del Sol 1a. Sección, 76099 Santiago de Querétaro, Qro.

Contact phones

T. (442) 223 4638