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It is a holistic center designed to bring body and mind in tune in a healthy environment. Its villas offer comfortable rooms with a view of the least known side of the Peña de Bernal. Its facilities offer temazcal, massage rooms, hydromassage area, a pool, Jacuzzi and a restaurant.


The place has solar energy photocells to light up all areas outside and inside. It has a water treatment plant and together they make a pretty space that is very different than those constructed around the entire region but framed by the beauty of the sacred mountains of the Peña de Bernal, Frontón Hill and Zamorano Hill, with La Tortuga in the middle.


A point of pride for La Tortuga and its region is their otomi chichimeca culture, a prominent culture in the state of Queretaro that is still lived through their customs, traditions, food, language and traditional clothing.


The villas and their surroundings form an ideal place to disconnect from the outside world, noise, stress, traffic and the bustle of people. Its guests feel completely renewed upon enjoying this magical place.

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The Center is open year round. Its restaurant, which offers typical dishes from the Queretaro semi-desert region, opens from 9 in the morning to 9 at night.




Reflexology, clay therapy, lymphatic massages, hot stone massages, and, of course, guided temazcal.



Taking a temazcal bath stimulates our body in a natural internal search to activate the spirit or internal flame. It also lets us harmonize and activate our energies with the four elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire.

The delicious steam bath in the temazcal is prepared with medicinal plants and takes you to a state of relaxation and meditation that allows you to connect with the world view of the universe.

  • Number of People:  1-15 / Duration: 2 hours / Schedule: On request
  • Recommendations: bathing suit, flip flops or sandals, towel.
  • Restrictions:  It is recommended that the following people abstain from this activity: pregnant women from the 7th to 9th month, people with recent surgeries, people with skin diseases, people with high blood pressure, people with pacemakers.




This type of massage focuses on releasing accumulated tension; it is done slowly and with firm, progressive pressure. The effect is relaxation and reduced muscle tone through non-aggressive contact from the masseuse.

  • Number of people: 1-2 / Duration: 45min – 1 hour. /Schedule: 9-19 hrs.
  • Restrictions: we recommend that you abstain from this activity if you are: pregnant, have skin disease, or recent surgery.



There are seven chakras along the central channel of the body; centers of vital energy that correspond with various organs. The hotel’s stone massage allows for alleviating ailments by stimulating the chakras and channeling energy through the different channels that connect the entire body.

  • Number of people: 1-2 / Duration: 45min – 1 hour. / Times: 9-19 hrs.
  • Restrictions: we recommend that you abstain from this activity if you are: pregnant, have skin disease, or recent surgery.



This treatment benefits the lymphatic system, which is crucial for effective functioning of the immune system. It is applied using a series of manual maneuvers, very gentle and superficial, with the aim of draining lymphs to healthy lymphatic areas for their normal evacuation through the flow of veins.

Number of people: 1-2 / Duration: 45min – 1 hour. / Schedule: 9-19 hrs.
Restrictions: we recommend that you abstain from this activity if you are: pregnant, have skin disease, recent surgery or injuries, or open wounds.



Pressure is applied to the foot, which is divided into a certain number of reflex zones corresponding to parts all over the body. It facilitates obtaining vital energy, helps stimulate the immune system and creates a stronger body and a calmer mind.

Number of people: 1-2 / Duration: 45min – 1 hour. / Schedule:  9-19 hrs.
Restrictions: we recommend that you abstain from this activity if you are: pregnant, have skin disease, or recent surgery.




This is the sum total of knowledge, skills, and practices based on theories, beliefs, and experiences of people from the otomi chichimeca culture, and it is used to maintain health, as well as for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of physical and mental illnesses.

  • Number of people: 1 / Duration: 45min – 1 hour. / Time: By request
  • Recommendations: Bathing suit, towel and sandals

Restrictions: Do not apply 

Useful information

If you have any questions or want to make a reservation, the phone number is: (045) 441 110 03 73. You can also write them at: 

More information

La Tortuga is located in an area that has been declared an Intangible Heritage of Humanity, and where you can admire the living traditions of the otomi-chichimecas people.

La Tortuga works as a cooperative made up of 14 people from the area, including: artisans, traditional healers, masseuses, and temazcal guides, all of whom are of otomi-chichimeca origin and who, adding a concern for our mother earth, have also established safeguarding measures to protect the environment.


If you are in the area for a few days, take the opportunity to go the Magical Town of Bernal, take the wine route or visit the cacti greenhouses in Cadereyta. Discover the Intangible Heritage by visiting an otomi chapel or attending a celebration.


If you are staying at this zone for a few days, visit the Magic Town of Bernal, take the Wine and Cheese Route or visit the Cactus Greenhouses at Cadereyta. Discover the Intangible Heritage by visiting one of the otomí chapels or by going to one of their festivities.

How to get there

To get there you have to take the highway toward Tequisquiapan and then toward Bernal where you will find an exit for the community of San Antonio de la Cal. From there, follow the signs.

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Other Attractions
Toliman is a semi-arid, mountainous municipality crossed by the colossal Sierra Gorda. Its population has inherited impressive cultural and religious traditions.
Constructed in honor of the first baptized family member, these chapels are a mix of the indomitable chichimeca culture and the persistent work of the Franciscan evangelists.
In the municipality of Tolimán and Ezequiel Montes there is a route that safeguards the culture and traditions of the otomi and chichimeca peoples who inhabited the area.
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