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Cadereyta de Montes is a historic place that marked the destiny of the Sierra Gorda and its inhabitants; it was a focal point and support center in ending the conflicts between the Shanish conquerors and Chichimecas.

Cadereyta was founded in 1640 under the name Villa de Cadereyta. It was renamed in 1902, in memory of Ezequiel Montes.

Cadereyta is located in Querétaro’s heartland and has colonial buildings such as El Pilancón, Las Fuentes, the Parroquia de San Pedro y San Pablo (Saint Peter and Saint Paul Parish Church), El Refugio, San Gaspar, and San Antonio de Boyé. 

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Cadereyta de Montes has many natural attractions worth seeing, especially the forests of La Mora, La Esperanza and El Doctor, which are ideal destinations for ecotourism. The archeological site Toluquilla is also located this region.


Visit the Taxhidó community and take a swim in its hot springs, while surrounded by a pristine landscape. Close to this community you’ll find the Moctezuma-Panuco River; the spot where is joins with the Extoraz River is a great place to fish.

The town of Vizarrón maintains old traditions and sells some wonderful arts and crafts. Those interested in botany can see different cactus species at the Regional Botanical Garden or the Quinta Schmoll Greenhouse in the municipal seat, Cadereyta. This town is also the site of the Parroquia de San Pedro y San Pablo (Saint Peter and Saint Paul Parish Church), the oldest in the region.

Useful information

Visit the municipality website:  http://www.cadereytademontes.gob.mx/
Call the Municipal Government office: Tel. (441) 276 0180.

More information

Cadereyta has a myriad of popular festivities, where not a month goes by without a traditional public celebration in the municipality. Festivities fuse religious and pagan traditions, during which people pray novenarios (nine days of public worship to a specific saint), walk in processions, play music, watch fireworks, attend Mass and pray the rosary. Statues of patron saints, Saint Peter and Saint Paul, are taken to over 35 surrounding communities and neighborhoods in Cadereyta.

The annual fair is held each September in Cadereyta to commemorate its founding.  


Cadereyta is recognized for its traditional leatherwork; you can purchase belts, chaps, gun holders, purses, key chains, wallets and cowboy boots. Other traditional goods are made out of ixtle (a type of fiber), such as ayate (a type of fabric), backpacks, knapsacks, straps and cords, etc.

The town of Vizarrón specializes in making marble products, such as headstones, mosaics, decorative items, tables, chess sets, ash trays, pen holders, and jewelry boxes.


In several communities people weave baskets, hats, fans and lampshades from vine stems. Earthenware is also handmade, including pots, pans, skillets, jars and plant pots. 


Cadereyta’s traditional dish is the succulent barbacoa (slow-cooked mutton meat), and a side of hearty broth. You’ll also eat a variety of dishes prepared with Nopal cactus and xoconostle. Meals can washed down with pulque, an alcoholic beverage made of fermented maguey, and fresh juice. To sweeten your palate, try the candies made with biznaga cactus, pumpkin, quince, apple and guava. 

How to get there

If you’re traveling from Mexico City, take Federal Highway 57 Mexico-Querétaro get off at the San Juan del Rio exit and merge onto Federal Highway 120 San Juan del Rio-Xilitla until you arrive to Cadereyta de Montes.

If you’re traveling from Queretaro, take Federal Highway 57 Queretaro-Mexico, get off at the Bernal-Sierra Gorda exit, merging onto State Highway 100 until you reach Federal Highway 120 which will take you to Cadereyta de Montes. 

Average climate

The average temperature in Cadereyta is between 17 and 38 °C. The climate is dry and may vary depending on the humidity in the area. It rains occasionally throughout the year.

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Other Attractions
A little before reaching the mining town of San Joaquin, the ruins of an important prehispanic city are located: Toluquilla.
One of Cadereyta's tourist attractions is its caves, deep cavities that were formed by natural excavation.
You can find some of the most attractive plants such as the Mexican, Argentine and Peruvian "viejitos" species.
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