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In Tequisquiapan you’ll find a wide range of handmade arts and crafts made by local artisans from stems, wicker and wood. You can buy them at the Parador Artesanal Luis Donaldo Colosio and support local workmanship.
Las Gardenias offers a new concept in Queretaro, where you’ll enjoy a comfortable and pleasant stay.
Constructed in honor of the first baptized family member, these chapels are a mix of the indomitable chichimeca culture and the persistent work of the Franciscan evangelists.
The 10, 11 and July 12 visit the Expo 2015 Sierra Gorda in Plaza de Armas and plan your trip with the tour operators , knows the municipalities in this area , tasting its cuisine and buy typical products in a time of 10:00 19:00 hrs.
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