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It’s located in downtown Cadereyta, on the eastern side of the main square. When Franciscan monks arrived to Queretaro, this baroque and neoclassical ceremonial center was built in the shape of the Latin cross. The construction started on December 15th, 1725 and most of it was completed in 1740. The tower made of red quarry stone was built in the mid-18th century, around 1756. 

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In 1805, the façade was built with neoclassical columns. In 1910, a clock was added to the top of the facade. In 1971 it was torn down and the atrium was used as a public square. In the 18th and 19th centuries it was a parish church and it has always been a convent and religious building.  The southern wall is covered almost completely with an oil painting made by an anonymous painter. The bell tower has four beautiful and musical bells; the largest one is for Nuestra Señora del Sagrario (Our Lady of Sagrario), the smaller bells are for Saint Peter, Saint Elizabeth, and Saint Mary Magdalene.

The church is dedicated to the Apostles of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, but popular tradition says that the Patron of this church is Our Lady of Sagrario, celebrated on September 8th. It’s an important festivity where people gather to thank her and enjoy the day with the community. This temple is an architectural gem located in Cadereyta; it’s definitely an attraction you can’t miss. 

How to get there

Downtown Cadereyta, on the eastern side of the main square. 

Hotel Hda. San Antonio
3 Estrellas
Carr. A Santa Bárbara Sin Num.KM.1.5 s/n santa Bárbara
T. (441) 276 2292 C. (441)100 9311 / (441)119 6888
Other Attractions
Cadereyta de Montes, located in Querétaro’s heartland, is a historic place that marked the destiny of the Sierra Gorda. It has colonial buildings such as El Pilancón, Las Fuentes and the Parroquia de San Pedro y San Pablo (Saint Peter and Saint Paul Parish Church).
In the municipal capital of Cadereyta, a semi-desert municipality, two of the most important nurseries in Latin America for studying and conserving different cacti species are located.
At 45 minutes from Cadereyta, the ecotourism campground La Isla floats on the Zimapán pond.
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