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Over the hills of the Sierra Gorda, a hole has remained open giving you a glance into the planet's bowels. When looking into its depths, you can feel as though you let yourself fall into the fascination it engenders. At 500 meters in diameter and 450 m of free fall, this is truly one of the deepest abysses on Earth. It also houses a great diversity of fauna, among which the Military Macaw stands out. This endangered species' flock exits the pit each morning, which is, without a doubt, one of the most astounding spectacles. The voyage to get there is for the bold: 26 km of dirt road from the community of Puerto de Ayutla and two hours crossing a dense forest.

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This space does not have a schedule although all tours to el Sótano del Barro begin at dawn so that at sunrise you can see the Military Macaw birds that live in this soil formation fly out of it.


Bird watching, hiking, camping.

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Useful information

El Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda offers eco-lodging for those who want an unequaled experience.



Do this tour accompanied and guided.


Take comfortable shoes for the walk.

How to get there

To get to Santa María de Cocos you have to take highway No. 29 from Jalpan to Río Verde. You will turn at km 24 and go 11 km along a dirt road that is in good conditions. Once in Santa María the locals can help you get to the mouth of the Sótano.

Average climate

The weather is semi-dry: sunny days, cool afternoons during the winter and rains in the summer.

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Hotel Misión Hacienda Concá
3 Estrellas
Carr. Jalpan -Río Verde Km. 32
(487) 877 4251 / 877 4251
Hotel Balneario Ayutla
3 Estrellas
Carr. Jalpan-Río Verde Km. 28.2
(487) 01 800 561 257
Other Attractions
This Mission’s façade probably shows the strongest indigenous influence and style in its iconographic ornamentation; especially with its large flowers, foliage, and coarse figures evidently sculpted by Indigenous hands.
The municipality of Arroyo Seco is located in northern Queretaro, deep within the Sierra Gorda. You’ll find it between the Conca, Ayutla and Santa Maria rivers.
When you are on your way to Conca, make a stop at Las Adjuntas, a unique place where two important rivers meet. Get out of your car and walk along the bank of Rio Ayutla (Ayutla River); observe how this river converges with Rio Jalpan (Jalpan River).
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