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The grapes need very special geographical and climatic conditions to develop: a little heat, exact altitude, fertile soils, water, sun and some wind. These conditions are not only ideal for growing the grapes and producing great wines, they are also perfect for relaxing, resting and taking a nice dip. Close to la ruta del queso y el vino, between Tequisquiapan and Ezequiel Montes, there are fresh, fun and always sunny balnearios to visit with the whole family.

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Time schedules depend on each of the sites. Most of them open their doors around 09:00 and close between 17:00 and 19:00 hrs.


Not only do the majority of the houses and hotels in Tequisquiapan have a pool (some open and others enclosed), but there is also a wide variety of balnearios in the surrounding area. You can camp, play sports outdoors and enjoy 34°C thermal waters. The most famous ones are: Fantasía Acuática, Quijada Splash, La Vega and Termas del Rey.

Useful information

Quijada Splash 
Olympic pool, giant kamikaze slide, mega kid's island, wave pool, splash pools, grills and everything you could need to have a day of splashing and fun. El Oasis is at km 10 along the highway Tequisquiapan-Ezequiel Montes (T. 273 0412). www. quijadasplash.mx.

Termas del Rey 
Termas del Rey has two of the most fun slides in the area: the acuatubo [water tube], in which you can experience all the adrenaline of sliding down at extremely high speeds, and the tornado, that combines quick drops with dizzying turns. Its facilities offer all services needed for the entire family to have enormous fun. 
Termas del Rey is at km 10.5 along the highway Tequisquiapan-Ezequiel Montes (T. 01 800 560 4009). www.termasdelrey.com

Fantasía Acuática
The main attraction of Fantasía Acuática is a beautiful lake that you can explore in a boat. The pools, slides and various other attractions complement its beautiful facilities. Its restaurant and comfortable cabins allow you to stay for more than a day enjoying the water and good weather. Fantasía Acuática is at km 10.5 along the highway Tequisquiapan-Ezequiel Montes (T. (414) 226 7263). http://www.fantasia-acuatica.com/




Along la ruta del queso y el vino, there are other balnearios to enjoy, such as el Balneario San Joaquin (km 13 on the Tequisquiapan-Ezequiel Montes highway) and el Balneario de la Vega, which has thermal waters (Fray Junipero Serra s/n [unnumbered], Barrio de La Magdalena, close to the main plaza in Tequisquiapan).



Really, Tequis is small and can easily be explored on foot. But if you want to go to the balnearios or vineyards in the area around the town, you will need a car.




The Queretaro wine route involves visiting three vineyards–Freixenet, La Redonda and Los Azteca–, various cheese dairies, two picturesque towns –Tequisquiapan and Bernal– and a Wine and Cheese Museum. At the vineyards you can learn about how to make sparkling and still wines. At the cheese dairies you will discover the production process for exquisite goat, sheep and cow cheeses. And in Bernal and Tequis you can enjoy a glass of wine and pair it with a delicious artisanal cheese.

If you go to the balnearios, take advantage of the trip to visit other options in the Queretaro semi-desert and enjoy the good life.

More information

At the Wine and Cheese Route there are other water parks to enjoy, such as Balneario San Joaquín (Km 13 of the highway Tequisquiapan-Ezequiel Montes) and Balneario de la Vega (Fray Junípero Serra s/n, Barrio de la Magdalena, close to Tequisquiapan’s main square); they both have thermal waters.


Tequisquiapan is actually a small town that can be visited by foot; if you want to go to the water parks or the wineries nearby you will need a car.


Querétaro’s Wine Route consists on visiting three vineyards –Freixenet, La Redonda and Los Azteca-, several cheese factories, two picturesque towns –Tequisquiapan and Bernal-, and a Cheese and Wine Museum. At the vineyards you can learn about the wine producing process; at the cheese factories, you will discover the process of hand making delicious cheese, and at Bernal and Tequis, you can enjoy a glass of wine and combine it with an exquisite handmade cheese.

If you go to the natural water parks, add to the trip other options from Querétaro’s semi-desert and enjoy good life.

How to get there

Take the federal highway 57 Mexico–Queretaro. Passing the Palmillas tollbooth, take the exit toward San Juan del Río, merging onto federal highway 120.

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Hotel La Querencia
3 Estrellas
Av. Juárez s/n Oriente s/n Barrio de San Juan
T. (414) 273 2525 / 273 0111
Hotel La Plaza de Tequisquiapan
3 Estrellas
Av. Juárez 11 Centro
(414) 273 0005 / 273 0289
Visit the website
Hotel Villa Antigua
4 Estrellas
Carr. Tequisquiapan - San Juan del Río Km. 11.6
T. (414) 273 3382 / 273 3344
Other Attractions
Tequis is a perfect place to spend the weekend. In addition to its many attractions, you can now enjoy a golf club with 18 holes and other sports activities.
Stay at the Hotel Boutique La Granja in the town of Tequisquiapan; it’s a wonderful place to enjoy this serene and beautiful Magical Town.
The mission of Hotel Real de San José, located in the municipality of Tequisquiapan, is to provide comprehensive hotel service.
The La Hondonada products are delicious because of their texture and smell.
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