Although February 5 is a day of national celebration in Querétaro, for the municipality of Corregidora, as for its religious community, it is the day of the Fiesta Grande, dedicated to the Virgen del Pueblito.

The adoration of this religious image dates from 1632, the year in which it was finished sculpting and placing for the first time in a chapel near the Pyramid of the Great Cué, one of the largest pre-Hispanic vestiges of the region today; However, the Fiesta Grande del Pueblito celebrates the arrival of the Virgen del Pueblito to its current site, the Sanctuary of the Virgin, on February 5, 1736, that is, a celebration that meets this 2020, 284 years of history.

The streets are filled with joy, band music, nerves, and the expectation with the Blessing and the Ox Ride (Paseo del Buey), which will be carried, dressed in flowers, fruits and crucifixes, between the main streets of El Pueblito, as a symbol of gratitude for the favors received by the Virgin during the year.

The next morning, the ecclesiastical authorities bless three offerings, called “parandes” and the jubilation continues on the Broth Day, when all attendees can enjoy a rich beef broth, a celebration prior to the following days that signify the event. important of the Stewardship, which will give way to the new members., in the following weeks, that will be in charge of carrying out the religious holidays during the rest of the year until next February, repeating this tradition once again.

Finally, the days that follow are filled with music, color and dances that represent the triumph of the Catholic religion with the Battle and Death of the Moor and the Soldier, where the fight of Emperor Charlemagne and the twelve knights against the heathen is represented.

Behind and part of all these celebrations, there is a group of men and women, known as butlers and tenanchitas, who plan these celebrations throughout the year and are in charge of serving the soup to the community and ensuring that each party is large enough, Cheerful and solemn to maintain this tradition that is not far from having 300 years and history.

This party is a unique experience in this region Querétaro, which we invite you to live and know.

This year, the Paseo del Buey, an activity that attracts tourists the most, will be held on February 16, continuing with the Broth Day on the 17th of the same month, until the celebrations are concluded on the 23rd, with presentations every afternoon of danceable by both the Corporation of the Inditas and the Children of the Promises Dances.

a crowd surrounds the ox carried through the streets of the little town

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