Querétaro is a magical state that will surprise you with the innumerable tourist sites that are extraordinary frames for your memories; With unbeatable panoramic views in the majestic Sierra Gorda or extraordinary former colonial haciendas found throughout the state, your camera will not stop throughout the trip. That is why we present a series of places that will conquer the lens of your camera.



Spectacular nature

A few minutes from the municipal seat of Pinal de Amoles, there is the incredible Mirador de Cuatro Palos, a special place for the supreme view that dominates the heights of the Sierra Gorda of Querétaro and an obligatory passage for those who seek to capture the contemplative spirit of the wonderful mountain nature.

You will not be able to leave this municipality without images of an adventure through the exuberant nature that surrounds the waters in Puente de Dios, or in Bucareli, a place full of adrenaline and an ancient mission that will fascinate you. In less than an hour, be sure to look for a unique rest at Casa de los Cuatro Vientos, an elegant cabin nestled in the mountains of Pinal de Amoles where the rustic has made a leap into modern design in a comfortable place, ideal for a weekend in couple, with the family or with the company of the best cups of coffee sweetened by a magical environment.


Magic streets

Of course, something that makes Querétaro a unique state is the Peña de Bernal, the third largest monolith in the world. In the Bernal Magical Town and its surroundings, this fabulous whim of nature will beautify your photographs from the various attractions of the region: vineyards that abound in the central strip of the semi-desert Queretaro, full of flavor and unforgettable moments; in the heights of the bright Tequesquipan skies aboard a hot air balloon, as well as from the exclusive hotels in the town of Bernal, such as Casa Mateo, or the Hotel de Piedra, which seems to be sculpted on the side of the base of the magical Peña .

The streets of this town are picturesque, restaurants, like El Mezquite, give you a splendid view while you try delicious Mexican dishes or the exquisite traditional gorditas of Bernal, but if you are looking for those incomparable colors of provincial life, the Tequisquiapan Magical Town has streets and flowery passages around the well-known Parish of Santa María de la Asunción, surrounded by exquisite gastronomy. Be sure to visit the restaurant El Maravillas, and try modern signature dishes that fuse traditional Tequesquipense cuisine with elements brought from other culinary traditions around the country, and to try typical food with an unbeatable view of downtown Tequisquiapan, Las Brasas is the what are you looking for.


Among the most exotic places in Querétaro, be sure to consider spending a night on Tzibanzá Island, or in Viña del Cielo, true oases in the heart of the semi-desert with the comforts and elegance that your rest deserves after a long confinement.



The city that crosses the centuries

The capital of Queretaro is a heritage city for the beauty of its streets, through which centuries of culture survive in its lines, in the viceregal architecture of its temples and in the historical passages that took place in some corners of this modern city, one of the safest and cleanest in Mexico.

Nothing else is enough to encourage you to stroll through the streets of the Historic Center of Querétaro to find walkers, squares, monuments and baroque details that you will certainly want to share with your followers, leaving you with memorable memories of your visit to this fabulous state in the center of the country .



To stay, options such as Hotel Criol, Casa 11 and Hotel Mora Azul will enchant you with the comfort of their rooms, design and service that will make you feel at home, but if you are looking for a romantic evening, Magical Town is a unique place. Be sure to try Asador Bacanora's spectacular dishes, which capture your senses from the eye under the elegant surroundings of the place, and its flavor, a true culinary experience based on a particular vision of Mexican cuisine.

Another amazing place is Hacienda Galindo, an ancient colonial hacienda completely restored in San Juan del Río, another historical site between Magical Town and the capital of Queretaro. The gardens are impressive, it has rooms and corridors that are authentic museums that you will not find anywhere else, as well as the beauty and exclusivity of this hacienda. In its type, you must also know Hacienda Atongo, one of the most outstanding architectures in the municipality of El Marqués, or Hacienda Viborillas, in the municipality of Colón, they will leave your mouth open.



The list is endless, so these are just a small list of the visual wonders you should know about Querétaro. Don't forget that this year's contingency has slowed the tourist flow throughout Mexico, so it is advisable to inform yourself about the natural and cultural sites that are still temporarily closed.