Querétaro has the health and safety protocols for the pandemic, backed by the Global Security Seal of the World Travel and Tourism Council. With the new official dispositions, there are more and more tourist attractions that are opening, as well as the desire of people to go out and enjoy these places. Here we will tell you which sites you can visit and under what health regulations they are regulated.

In Queretaro City, these are some options you can enjoy:


Streetcar tours, with a 50% operation capacity

Legends tours and walking tours, with a maximum of 20 people.

Museums open with 30% capacity. Some of them arre:

Museo de Arte Sacro Querétaro

Museo de Arte de Querétaro

Casa de la Zacatecana 

Fundación Santiago Carbonell 

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Querétaro


Reopening of theaters with 30% capacity. Some options are:

Corral de Comedias

Cómicos de la Legua U.A.Q

Teatrito La Carcajada

Sol y Luna




In Pinal de Amoles, you can access the natural tourist attractions, such as Mirador Cuatro Palos and El Chuveje Waterfall with a 50% capacity. Access will only be allowed with a previous reservation, so we suggest you to investigate very well the destination and the activities you will do, also Pinal will ask you some requirements, besides following the health protocols, like:


Fill out a true symptomatology sheet.

Consult and acquire digital information, not printed.

Sign a letter of exoneration from responsibilities that the tour operator will provide.

Minimum 10 meters separation between tents.



Peña de Bernal will allow 50% access to the monolith, that is to say 160 tourists in a limit of two hours. No senior citizens or children under 12 years old will be allowed to go up there. A distance of at least eight meters must be kept between each family.

In Arroyo Seco, with a 30% capacity, you can go to the Sótano de Barro, Manantiales de Concá and Adjuntas de Ayutla, as long as they are contemplative visits and guided tours. Access to rivers and waterfalls is restricted.

Likewise, you can access the Cañón del Paraíso in Peñamiller always following the health recommendations and being cautious because of the rainy season. In Jalpan de Serra, your stay is under reservation and with some restrictions at the time of accessing the natural areas.

Amealco will soon open its Museo de la Muñeca and Cerro de los Gallos with a capacity of 30% and 50% respectively. Similarly, the Museo del Nacimiento in San Juan del Río, is preparing for the reopening of its activities.




The spaces belonging to INAH, that is, the Museo Regional and the Archaeological Zones, such as Ranas, Toluquilla, Tancama and El Cerrito, will remain closed until further notice. Similarly, the magical town of San Joaquin only keeps its hotels, private parks and restaurants open.

In all cases, established sanitary measures must be followed, such as the use of mouth guards and antibacterial gel, constant hand washing and healthy distance. Remember that the reinsertion is gradual, so some spaces will be announcing the exact date of opening on their social networks, we recommend you follow them and call for more information before visiting them.  



FB: Querétaro.Travel

T: 442 238 5067


Tour operators, which you can consult:


Operators of legend tours:


Querétaro City

FB: Museo de Arte Sacro Querétaro

T: 442 212 4470

FB: Museo de Arte de Querétaro

T: 442 212 3523

FB: Museo Casa de la Zacatecana

T: 442 224 0758

FB: Museo Fundación Santiago Carbonell

T: 442 212 8052

FB: Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Querétaro


FB: Teatro “Corral de Comedias” de Querétaro

T: 442 212 0765

FB: Cómicos de la Legua U.A.Q

T: 442 212 4911

FB: Teatrito La Carcajada

T: 442 212 9999

FB: Teatro Sol y Luna

T: 442 125 5705


Pinal de Amoles:

FB: Pinal De Amoles Turismo

T: 441 292 5230



FB: Cañón del Paraíso Peñamiller

T: 442 445 0384



FB: Peña De Bernal “Pueblo Mágico”


Arroyo Seco:

FB: Concá, Arroyo Seco, Querétaro.



FB: Amealco Pueblo Mágico

T: 448 170 6125


San Juan del Río:

FB: Museo del Nacimiento

T: 427 235 0001


San Joaquín:

FB: San Joaquín Pueblo Mágico

T: 442 780 4175


Jalpan de Serra:

FB: Impulso Jalpan

T: 441 119 4843

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