On September 27, as every year, the World Tourism Day is celebrated, a celebration that commemorates how valuable and transcendental this activity is for the nations. The motto of this occasion, proposed by the World Tourism Organization is "Tourism and Rural Development", a theme that exposes the growing need to make sustainable and responsible tourism a protagonist.

Tourism has deeply resented the effects of the current pandemic, and its reactivation must work constantly and gradually to achieve the desired effects, without affecting the well-being of both tourism service providers and visitors.

For this reason, today more than ever the theme on which this edition will focus is very much in line with the times we are living in. Tourism aimed at rural and community development is a refuge and a channel for young talent, as well as for localities surrounded by both natural and cultural tourism resources.




In Queretaro, tourism potential abounds, from Jalpan de Serra to Amealco de Bonfil, the state is the perfect fusion between the coexistence of nature and human beings. The creation of crafts made by indigenous groups, the traditional cuisine of the semi-desert, or the wines and cheeses made by hand, are activities that help families and localities to undertake and strengthen, in which tourism is responsible for making them visible inside and outside the state.

Universities, the private and governmental sectors will participate together with experts in the field, through virtual conferences and panels on the subject, in order to establish a dialogue that will make known diverse opinions that will strengthen the sector.

Tourism needs us to reactivate and grow again, so we invite you to consume locally, to know the state, to travel by road and to meet new destinations that are ready to receive you. Get to know your city, discover what new things it has to offer and support it by consuming, always in a responsible way, using mouth guards, respecting health protocols and informing yourself of the government measures of your entity.