Little by little, the possibilities of enjoying the pleasure of traveling again have made their way after the long months of confinement in our homes, and today Querétaro is already an open door for tourism thanks to the measures taken by the state to control the effects of the pandemic and at the same time recover the great economic contribution left by tourism in Querétaro.

Over the next few months, the invitation to travel the 'Caminos de Querétaro' and visit the great variety of tourist attractions that this wonderful state has is now a reality. For travelers from Queretaro and from neighboring states, the gastronomic proposals, the wide culture and folklore of its towns, as well as the natural beauty that it has throughout its territory are now within our reach.


'Caminos de Querétaro' is the name of the campaign to motivate you to organize a trip with your family, partner or friends to meet or re-enjoy the Magic Towns, the wine produced in the Queretaro vineyards, walk and spend a weekend in a cabin nestled in a forest of the Sierra Gorda, taste the traditional flavors or haute cuisine in the countless restaurants throughout the state.

You only need to take the keys to your car, pack what you need and start the journey through these traditional cultural, natural and gastronomic paths. On the health side, in the face of the new normal, Querétaro is among the states recognized with the SafeTravels seal, issued by the World Tourism Council (WTTC), to guarantee that the international measures and protocols endorsed by the World Tourism Organization are applied. Health (WHO).


If you decide to eat in an exclusive restaurant in the city or in an inn on the side of the Sierra Gorda road, the use of face masks, cleanliness and healthy distance are guaranteed; museums, theaters, temples and other cultural venues will be vigilant of prevention measures; the hotels and cabins, impeccable; the various sites and natural wonders, with controlled entry and attentive to sanitary measures; all without affecting your travel experience.


To make this possible, the Secretary of Tourism of the State of Querétaro, the Queretaro delegation of the National Chamber of the Restaurant Industry (CANIRAC), the Queretana Association of Hoteliers, and the associations of winegrowers and cheese producers of Querétaro, as well as the different productive chains in the municipalities, put together efforts that allow travelers to travel Querétaro with all the facilities.

Road tourism is today one of the most appropriate options for the new normal, and Querétaro has all the ideal characteristics for this type of trip: short distances, healthy roads and an infinity of tourist places for all tastes.


The Gastronomy Paths abound in flavor in the wine region, with exquisite pairings, the culinary proposals of its restaurants, the unbeatable settings of colonial haciendas or the semi-desert landscape; For its part, the Heritage Paths immerse you in the architectural vestiges of the past, surrounded by spectacular history and beauty.

If what you want is to enjoy the folklore and traditions embodied in the towns and the amazing handicrafts they make, the Caminos de Cultura opens up various places for you to fully enjoy that face of Querétaro; And, of course, the Open Air Paths will take you into the changing landscapes and climates, between rivers, waterfalls and canyons hidden in forests and mountains. The Roads of Querétaro are full of this and more.


Gastrofest 2020

As a grand opening event, GastroFest 2020 will be a virtual festival that will be an authentic gastronomic, cultural and tourist exhibition that will invite you to know not only the flavors, but the possibility of experiencing in person (respecting the capacities established by the health authorities) the tasting of delicious dishes of Queretaro cuisine, paired with cheeses and wines from the region in various restaurants, vineyards, cellars and haciendas.

We invite you to follow any of the social networks of the Secretariat of Tourism of the State of Querétaro and Querétaro Travel to constantly find out about the multiple places and tourist sites that you can visit in Querétaro, as well as the broadcasts of this unique festival in the state.

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