In the northeast of the state, the municipality of San Joaquín opens one of the doors to the Sierra Gorda de Querétaro with impressive natural landscapes and tourist and cultural attractions, which make it a place of great appreciation for visitors who come to the mountain region.

San Joaquín, named Magical Town since 2015, is also considered the Cathedral of Huhapango for hosting the Huapango Huasteco National Dance Competition for more than 50 years, a tradition deeply rooted in its inhabitants that infects its visitors with enthusiasm.


However, many travelers choose this place in the Sierra Gorda to enjoy its cool climate in a camp or spending the night in a cabin surrounded by forests, in search of contact with nature, without forgetting visits to extraordinary sites such as Cascadas Las Maravillas, the Archaeological Zone of Ranas or Grutas Los Herrera, true jewels of the Sierra Gorda.


To help you in the comfort of your trip, and the new circumstances where the reservation is essential for health and new tourism, we share an updated directory of accommodation services, food and other activities, which will be very useful for your next trip to this Magical Town.



San Joaquín has traditional hotels, themed inns, guest houses and a large number of country cabins to stay, both in the municipal capital and in the surrounding communities, most with all services, except the cabins where the disconnection to the internet is part of the natural experience. Thus, in San Joaquín you will not lack where to spend the night.


Hotel Florida Inn (21 rooms --- tel. 411013077, 4411074143 --- Facebook: Florida_Inn_Hotel_San_Joaquín)

Hotel Mina Real (5 rooms --- tel. 4411165752, 4423506810 --- Facebook: Mesón Mina Real)

Hotel Mesón Doña Lupe (19 rooms --- tel. 441 2935240)

Hotel Rosita (8 rooms --- tel. 4422242764)



“Xakali” (6 cab, 12 rooms --- tel. 4421420278 ---

“Campo Alegre” (4411033713 --- Facebook: Cabañas Spa Campo Alegre)

"The Deer" (4421970571) "Corner of the Frogs" (4411009561)

“Finca Guadalupe” (4 rooms --- tel. 4411085179 --- Facebook: Finca Guadalupe San Joaquín

“Don Joaquín” (tel. 4423247837 4428022246, 4411202879 --- Facebook: Cabañas Don Joaquín)

“Las Ovejas” (tel. 4421270873, 4427179895 --- Facebook: Rent of Cabañas las Ovejas)

UMA “la Zahuda” (2 cab. --- tel. 4411367122, 4411063452)

"La Escondida" (tel. 4424674597, 4411083016 --- Facebook: La Escondida Adventure Park)

INDEREQ "San Joaquín" Camp (up to 200 people --- tel. 4412935274, 4411052802)

Camp "Cedral Park" (tel. 4423544545 --- Facebook: Cedral Park San Joaquin)


Guest houses.

"Doña Lucy" Guest House (tel. 4412521122, 4411310659)

“El Pozo” Guest House (tel. 4411203341, 4411052771 --- Facebook: Hotel El Pozo San Joaquin)

“Maravillas” Guest House (tel. 4411033768)

Guest House "Casa Del Arbol" (tel. 4423358951)

“Del Establo” Guest House (tel. 4423358951)

Guest House “Cabaña Huapango” (tel. 4424080320 WhatsApp, Facebook / Instagram: Cabaña Huapango San Joaquín)

Tourist rooms "House of birds" (tel. 4411351086)



At the head of the Magical Town of San Joaquín, the typical and modern flavors come together. La Petenera innovates Sanjoaquinenses flavors with a great proposal from chef Daniel Torres, but the traditional has various spaces of great seasoning to enjoy the typical Queretaro enchiladas, meat molcajetes, fast food or even seafood. To choose, there are options accommodated to your liking.

Restaurant "La Petenera Exprés" (tel. 4411221819)

Restaurant "El Burrito" (tel. 4411086287) Restaurant "El Torito" (tel. 4411024029)

Restaurant "Sol y Luna" (tel. 4412935112, 441 116 5100)

Restaurant "El Fogón" (tel. 4411083821 --- Facebook: El Fogón A Place of Height)

Restaurant "El Otatal" (tel. 4271140694 --- Facebook: Restaurant el Otatal)

Restaurant "Taverza" (tel. 4421038849 --- Facebook: La Taverza)

Fonda "Doña Oli" (tel. 4411353739) Fonda “Citlali” (tel. 4411305976)

Fonda “Mi San Joaquín” (tel. 4411110780 --- Facebook: Fonda Mi San Joaquin)

Cafeteria "Los Fundadores" (tel. 441 2935240)



The activities around San Joaquín are full of adventure, culture and nature. From ATV or tram tours, to agrotourism and gastronomic tours, fun is guaranteed. Several experts from the region will be able to take you to know this Magical Town, do not forget to visit the greatest attractions of this municipality)

Tours “Mirador Tours” (ATVs - tel. 4411226159, 4422018362)

Tours “Sierra Explora” (ATVs - tel. 4423358951, 4411032870)

Tram Tours (tel. 4411140637, 4412935319)

Casa del Artesano "Mineral de San Joaquín" (tel. 4412657811)

Liquors "Finca Doña Lore" (tel. 4422741280)

Certified Hiking guide  (tel. 4411223574)

Union of Transporters (tel. 4412031185)

Adventure park "La Escondida" (tel.4424674597, 4411083016, 4423228629 --- Facebook: Adventure park "La Escondida")

Hiking and camping (tel. 4411052802, 4412935319)

Mexican Jewelry "Antigua Roca" (tel. 4411018005)


With this directory of the San Joaquín production chain, feel confident in having an unforgettable trip with services where warmth and security measures are the hallmark. Don't miss the opportunity to call and reserve your next adventure in advance.