Did you know that the Secretariat of Tourism of the State of Querétaro is also linked with different local universities to support professional development and projects in careers related to tourism? Today we invite you to see an example of the results of this department's work area: 'T-Diseño Mágico'


'T-Diseño Mágico' is a new collaboration project of the Secretary of Tourism of the State of Querétaro with the Universidad Tecmilenio Campus Querétaro, where undergraduate students of Graphic Design and Animation have worked with the directors of the Productive Chains of the Magical Towns to help improve the promotion of its various tourist and cultural attractions on social media.


Through the Department of Tourism Training and Competitiveness, one of the functions of the Secretary of Tourism is to carry out actions that promote and motivate the integration of youth with different tourism service providers, in order for there to be an exchange of knowledge and experiences that allows to contribute to the personal, professional, labor and economic development of students and companies. ‘T-Diseño Mágico’ is a clear example of these actions.


The students of the Degree in Graphic Design and Animation, through virtual meetings with Directors of the Productive Chains of Magical Towns, listened to the needs in terms of visual image to generate various templates that optimize the scope and effectiveness of the images with which they promote the main gastronomic, cultural and natural attractions that distinguish them as great tourist destinations in Querétaro.


The team is made up of 10 students from the Chapter of Art, Culture and Humanities and the BOON student group of Tecmilenio Campus Querétaro belonging to the careers of Graphic Design and Animation, Hotel and Tourism Administration, as well as Marketing, a coach, the coordinator of Welfare and a representative of university linkage of the Secretary of Tourism, which resulted in a series of tools that will facilitate and unify the publications that are made on social networks of the Magical Towns.


With this, the Secretary of Tourism of the State of Querétaro, not only contributes to the work of tourist promotion of these sites, but also strengthens the creativity, commitment, perseverance, leadership and teamwork of university students, preparing them in a practical way to perform in the labor field once they graduate from the bachelor's degree and thus achieve a greater professionalization of the sector.


Do not stop following the official social networks of the Secretary of Tourism to witness this work in conjunction with educational institutions, because, if you are a student of tourism and any career related to marketing, now you have the opportunity to link through your house of studies with the noble work of tourist promotion of your state, Querétaro.

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