As part of the promotional activities offered by the Secretariat of Tourism of Querétaro, we created an incredible community in a facebook group called “Viajeros por Querétaro”. Currently, it has more than 120,000 followers who love to travel in Querétaro. Find it and join!


In this group, recommendations, photos, videos and travel tips are shared to answer questions and share the experiences of our followers. One of the most frequently asked questions is what are the best places to camp? so we decided to collect some of the most popular responses and share them here. Follow the recommendations of travelers and go camping in Querétaro!


“I recommend Campamento el Cedral, in Sierra Gorda, at Pinal de Amoles. From Querétaro you make 2.30 hours approx. It's sooooo worth it! It does not have bathrooms because it is a park that seeks to preserve nature by impacting as little as possible with out infrastructure. You can organize amazing walking routes between the forest trails. Super recommended! Ask for Chema ”- María N.


“I recommend Campamento "El Chuveje", located about 40 meters before the entrance of the waterfall "El Chuveje", it is easily accessible. It has a parking lot, a bathroom, a small store nearby, firewood sales and they accept pets”- Montse R.


“A good option is Campamento Derramadero de Bucareli. Really nice if you go with children, there they give you firewood, tables and chairs so that you are comfortable. They have extra activities such as gotcha, zip-lining and hiking. You can also bring your own tent or rent right there ”- Nelly K.


“If you want a true paradise, go to Campamento Los Sauces, it is a bit far since it is located in Ayutla, Arroyo Seco; but it is next to the river. You make almost 3 hours from the city of Querétaro. You can camp or stay in their ecological cottages, they also have delicious and cheap food ”- María N.


“A must is the camp offered by EcoSierra agency, they give tours to Sótano del Barro, in Arroyo Seco. The climb is somewhat tiring but it is totally worth it because the landscape is incredible and you will be able to see the green macaws in their natural habitat. I recommend to camp with them, because it is really near to the starting walking point, so you can get up early and see the sunrise and the departure of the macaws. Really, it's amazing! " - Abraham S.


“In San Joaquín there is Cedral Park. They offer lodging in very nice safari cabins or you can also camp. It is the ideal park to connect with nature and do different activities such as zip-lining, gotcha, visiting caves or getting into the temazcal in an ancestral steam bath. Doña Paty's food, ufff delicious! " - Tere A.


“I went to a community in Cadereyta called El Doctor. It is incredible! The weather is normally cloudy which makes for a spectacular landscape. We camped at Eco-Aventura San Antonio El Doctor and some friends stayed in the cabins right there. Nearby is Cueva del Tecolote and Mirador de la Cruz. " - Lorena S.


“At 25 km from Jalpan you find Rancho El Quirambo, it is right in the middle of the forest. There is no electricity or Wi-Fi, so it is the ideal plan to totally disconnect and enjoy nature. The paths that you can walk will fill you with peace. " - Abigail V.



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