Part of the cultural richness of the state of Querétaro hides behind its famous legends, which, in addition to being great learning, harbor hidden messages and values. Arouse your curiosity by learning more about them on a tour of Queretaro legends!


In the city of Querétaro most of the tours are made in the Historic Center with different companies, one of them is Leyendas y Mitos de Querétaro with whom you will meet 3 different mansions, alleys and legendary characters with professional actors and live music in the background. They leave the Andador Libertad next to the Mesón de Santa Rosa every day: Monday through Thursday at 8:00 pm; Fridays and Saturdays at 9:00 pm and Sundays at 8:00 pm.


With Las Leyendas Cobran Vida you will be able to know the legends of Don Bartolo or La Carambada, they leave from Thursday to Sunday at 8:00 pm from the Gran Hotel in Plaza Constitución. Another option is Noches de Apariciones Queretanas in which your skin will surely turn chinita when listening to the legends of La Llorona or the Aquelarre de las Brujas, it is a family tour that lasts 1.30 hours. It leaves the Temple of San Francisco every day at 8:00 pm, on Saturdays and Sundays they have extra tours at 9:15 pm.


The Oh Turismo agency, will take a tour in August 2021 on the inquisition of witches and demons, it will leave on weekends at 9:00 pm from the Guerrero Garden. They themselves offer a tour of the legends of Santiago de Querétaro on Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 pm leaving the Casa de la Zacatecana and on the last Saturday of each month they have an event to narrate the legend of the Zacatecana inside Casa de la Zacatecana, a must see!


Outside the city of Querétaro you can find tours of legends in Bernal (Ezequiel Montes), La Cañada (located in El Marqués) or El Doctor (in Cadereyta). Enjoy Noche de leyenda en Bernal every Saturday at 8:30 pm leaving the Medieval Hotel and learn about the legend of Charro Negro or El Cuervo y la Nopalera.


The same in Bernal, the agency Vive las leyendas offers a tour with torches where they tell you about 3 typical legends of the area: Martina la Larga, El Tesoro de Don Tiburcio and Mírame los Dientitos. In La Cañada you can enjoy La Cañada Legendaria and learn about the history of legendary characters such as Conni, better known as Conín, a tour that departs every Friday at 7:00 pm and Saturdays at 5:00 pm.


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Leyendas y Mitos de Querétaro

Recorrido entre casonas, callejones y personajes legendarios

Andador libertad a un lado del Mesón de Santa Rosa

Todos los Días

L- J: 8:00 PM / V-S: 9:00pm /  D: 8:00 PM 

T. 442 359 6334 y 442 212 4565

FB: Leyendas y  Mitos de Querétaro


IG: Leyenda y mitos Qro 

Professional actors, Live music, Scares, They enter 3 different houses


Las leyendas cobran vida

Leyendas cobran vida 

Plaza Constitución (el Gran Hotel)

Jueves, Viernes y Sábados

8:00 pm 

T. 442 131 6686

FB: Las leyendas cobran vida

Some of the legends you will meet: El Marqués, La Llorona, La Carambada, El Sereno sin Cabeza, La Zacatecana, Don Bartolo

Noche de Apariciones Queretanas

Recorriendo la ciudad con terror, suspenso, historia, diversión y misticismo

Templo de San Francisco 

Lunes a Domingo

L - J: 8:00pm / S-D: 8:00 pm y 9:15pm

T: 442 140 91 23 y 442 607 1072  442 713 1120

FB: Apariciones Queretanas


Some of the legends you will meet are: Cura Hidalgo, La Llorona, La Zacatecana, La Carambada, El Aquelarre de las Brujas, Chucho el Roto, El Marqués de la Villa del Villar.



Family tour

Not pregnant because it is a long walk.

Duration: 1hr 15 mins

In case of rain they have raincoats and roofed places

You walk a quadrant in the historic center


Noche de Leyenda en Bernal

Noche de leyenda en Bernal


Hostal Medieval en Bernal




Los Viernes únicamente en periodo vacacional.

8:30 pm


T: 442 547 5016 y 442 212 3995

FB: Noche de leyenda en Bernal


FB: Experiencias turísticas en Bernal

Legends such as the crow and the nopalera, the black charro and many more.


Noche de Leyenda en Querétaro

Noche de leyenda en Querétaro

Casona de los 5 patios



Los Viernes únicamente en periodo vacacional.

9:20 PM

T: 442 547 5016 y 442 212 3995

FB: Noche de leyenda

Legends such as La Zacatecana, La Llorona, Fundación de la Ciudad, among others.


Testigos del pasado - Bernal

Vive las leyendas

A un costado del centro artesanal La Aurora

Viernes y  Sábados

V: 8:15 PM / SA: 8:15 PM y 9:30PM

T: 4421399335

FB: Acueductour 

Martina La Larga (as the catrina), The treasure of Don Tiburcio Angeles (legend of the church in the garden, look at my teeth (legend of terror).

Small groups of 1 hour

Oh Turismo

Leyendas Santiago de Querétaro


La Cañada Legendaria, en La Cañada en el municipio del marques Viernes a las 7 y sábados a las 5pm 


Museo Casa de la Zacatecana

Viernes y Sábados

8:00 pm


T. 442 123 5718

FB: Oh turismo que inspira


FB: Leyendas Santiago de Querétaro

The last Saturday of each month they take a tour inside the Casa de la Zacatecana

Coming soon. Inquisition of witches and demons. It leaves Jardín Guerrero at 9pm.

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