This year, one of the most emblematic dishes of Mexican gastronomy celebrates 200 years since it was prepared for the first time: the chile en nogada, and the state of Puebla, where it is the protagonist of most restaurants, invites us to commemorate it. trying it on a getaway to that entity, or why not? at your closest restaurant where you can find it.

But before sharing a list with the places where you can eat them this season in Querétaro, it is worth knowing some information about this delicacy.


1..........  200 years

Tradition says that this exotic dish was prepared for the first time to celebrate the Independence of Mexico, as the nuns of the Santa Mónica Convent received Agustín de Iturbide with this delicacy after having entered Puebla in triumph, leading the Trigarante Army, just days after having signed the Treaties of Córdoba that recognized the Independence of Mexico.

However, some historians affirm that the chile en nogada is a viceregal dish that was originally prepared as a dessert and not as a main course. The truth is that, either because of the season or because of its symbolism, it is currently part of the menus to enjoy the national month.


2....... Colors

With these popular versions, the chiles en nogada have this national air not only because of the anecdote, but also because they show off the colors of the Mexican flag in their ingredients: green in the poblano pepper and the coriander sprigs that adorn it; the white in the nogada cream, and the red in the pomegranate seeds.


3.......... A unique dish

Anyone who has ever eaten chiles en nogada recognizes the combination of flavors that make up this Mexican dish; From the meat with which the poblano peppers are filled to the ingredients that give the nogada a unique touch, this dish is unique.

According to the portal www.poblanerías.com, in 1821 the ingredients were selected among the products of each of the regions of the state: chiles from San Martín Texmelucan, ground beef from Cholula, apples from Zacatlán, pomegranate from Tehuacán. , nuts from San Andrés Calpan, pears from the Carmen de Puebla convent, peaches from Huejotzingo, cheese from Tlatlauqui, Zacapoaxtla or Teziutlán, pine nuts from Libres or Oriental, parsley from Atlixco, eggs from Tepeaca, Amazoc or settle down; and the plate where it was placed was from Puebla talavera and the seasoning of San Pascual Bailón.


4.........  Where can you eat it in Querétaro?

That is why, 200 years after that passage in the history and gastronomy of Mexico, the NATIONAL CHAMBER OF THE RESTAURANT AND SPICY FOOD INDUSTRY (Canirac Qro) invites you to celebrate by eating these Mexican delicacies

This is a list of restaurants in Querétaro where you can find them:


  • AHUMA / Prof. Luis M. Olvera 8 Col. Centro Histórico, Qro. / @ahumamx
  • SALITRE / Rafael Osuna SN, Raquet Club, Qro. / @hdasaltreqro @haciendasalitreqro
  • ARGENTILIA / Constituyentes # 59 Col. Casa blanca, Qro. / @argentiliaqro
  • EL CASERIO / Av Constituyentes 101 pte Col. Casa Blanca, Qro. / @elcaserioqueretaro
  • LOS CORREA / Plaza de Toros y Pie de la Cuesta / @LosCorreaRestaurante
  • HACIENDA LOS LAURELES / Carr. Querétaro - S.L.P km 8, Qro. / @hacienda.loslaureles
  • EL 9 YUCATECO / Bernardo Quintana y Jardines de la Hacienda / @el9yucateco
  • EMILIA / Privada de los Industriales 105 Jurica, Qro. /@emilia.qro
  • MI VIDA LOCA / Anillo Vial Fray Junípero Serra, Col. La Purísima, Qro. / @TacosMiVidaLoca
  • K`PUCHINOS / Independencia 7, Centro, Tequisquiapan / @kpuchinos.resttequis
  • HACIENDA LA LABORCILLA / Prolongación Corregidora Norte 911BIS, Qro. / @lalaborcilla
  • EL MARAVILLAS / Morelos 7, Tequisquiapan / @ElMaravillasTx
  • LA BICICLETA / Prol. Hacienda El Jacal, Corregidora / @LaBicicletaQro
  • TECALLI MOLLI / Carr. Querétaro-S.L.P. Km 26.5 Poblado de Corea, Qro / @tecallimolli
  • RINCON MEXICANO / Portal Independencia 5, Local B-Planta Alta, Centro, Tequisquiapan
  • LOS AGAVES TX / Guillermo Prieto 2, Centro, Tequisquiapan / @losagavestx
  • MAGICO TEQUIS / Juárez 16, Centro, Tequisquiapan / @Magico Tequis
  • COCONO / Blvd. Bernardo Quintana A-18, Qro. / @CoconoFuegoyAlma
  • MARIA RIVERA / Av. Constituyentes 1690, El Pueblito, Corregidora / @MariaRiveraRestaurante
  • EL REGOCIJO / Independencia 12, Centro, 76750 Tequisquiapan, Qro. /
  • RESTAURANTE 1810 / Andador Libertad #62. Plaza de Armas. Centro Histórico, Qro / @1810gerencia
  • RIO QUINTANA / Av. Universidad 371, col. Álamos 1ra sección, Qro. / @rioquintana
  • CILANTRO Y PEREJIL / Niños Héroes 2, Tequisquiapan / @cilantroyperejil
  • PARRILLA LEONESA CONSTITUYENTES / Av. Constituyentes Pte #138, Qro. /@ParrillaLeonesaConstituyentes
  • PARRILLA LEONESA BERNARDO QUINTANA / Blvd. Bernardo Quintana 536, Querétaro / @ParrillaLeonesaBernardoQuintana
  • MOCHOMOS / Blvd. Bernardo Quintana #5260 Loc. 1 D, Querétaro / @Mochomos Queretaro
  • LA ESTANCIA ARGENTINA / Av. Constituyentes Pte 193 Col. Casa Blanca / @laestancia.queretaro
  • STEAK COMPANY / Antea Lifestyle Center, Querétaro / @steakcompany.queretaro
  • RESTAURANTE DEL 57 / Blvd. Hacienda El Jacal 803, Plaza Avalonia, Qro.
  • RESTAURANTE MADERO / Privada Ignacio Zaragoza 7, Centro, Qro. / @maderorestmx
  • LOS PONCHOS / Paseo Constituyentes No.1634, El Pueblito, Corregidora / @losponchosqro
  • CASUAL / Circunvalación 15ª, Jardines de Querétaro, Qro. / @restaurante.casual
  • QUERETARO RICO LA CRUZ / Hidalgo #182 Col. Centro, Qro. / @Queretaro Rico
  • QUERETARO RICO CENTRO / Vicente Guerrero Sur #24, Col. Centro, Qro / @QueretaroRicoCentroHistorico
  • QUERETARO RICO JARDINES DE LA HACIENDA / Hacienda Grande #320, Qro. / @queretaroricojardines

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