Huimilpan is a municipality whose main attraction is its proximity to the city of Querétaro, because just a few minutes away it allows you to enjoy ecotourism activities, oenological experiences and spectacular venues in its different farms for all kinds of events.

One of these places is the Hacienda Lagunillas, a hacienda that began its construction in the s. XVIII and that over the years it became a place for weddings, anniversaries and all kinds of social events framed by its architecture, its stone walls and elegant rooms for the celebrated.


At the entrance of the hacienda, future couples who celebrate their wedding there have the advantage of having at hand a small consecrated parish that serves as a temple to the Lagunillas community, but what is interesting is a legend that surrounds the construction of this church , as well as the anecdotes that are hidden among the spaces where the former governor of Querétaro, Rafael Camacho Guzmán, lived, negotiated and rested, a native of the place and former owner of the hacienda.


Upon arriving and touring the magnificent property you will recognize the beauty of Hacienda Lagunillas, but when you take a break to contemplate around you, we invite you to imagine the legend of Don Trinidad Vázquez Cabrera, an upright Catholic Christian who over the years would become in benefactor of the temple for a strange story.

According to the priest Francisco Gavidia Arteaga, Don Trinidad went to the then chapel to perform his evening prayers and as a good devotee, seeing that his faith was great and the space so small, one afternoon he said “if he had money I would make him a big temple to our Lord ”. The chronicle tells that everyone took it as a good wish from Don Trinidad, but four years later he himself, sitting on a stone where the temple is today, heard a voice that said “You are sitting on a lot of money in gold, it is yours ”.



Surely you can imagine the shock, in a place where the electric power still did not arrive, in the darkness that fell after the afternoon and a voice that came out of nowhere. Perhaps you, like Trinidad Vázquez Cabrera, would not have slept that night turning that strange situation in your head. Don Trinidad got up early the next day and went to talk about what had happened with his friends: they all came back a little while with shovels and picks to dig into the place where the voice had indicated. The priest Gavidia says that they found 6 drums full of gold coins, with which they paid to master stonemasons, masons, even people who came from afar to help finish the temple during the 7 years that it was built.

It is said that the body of Don Trinidad Vázquez Cabrera lies buried under the temple, today the Parish of the Sacred Heart, but there are no indications (yet) or report of appearances of the spirit of the benefactor and protagonist of this legend.


Planning your event at Hacienda Lagunillas or enjoying an afternoon of your country meal at Labrantío restaurant, is not only the enjoyment of its architecture, but an experience full of curiosities.

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