Tequisquiapan Pueblo Mágico, is the destination considered, by thousands of visitors, as "the tourist heart of Querétaro", due to its proximity to Mexico City and many other cities in the center of the country.

Its authentic image of a Mexican province, blue sky, rich climate and narrow cobbled streets with quarry sidewalks and colorful blooming bougainvillea that adorn its walls, make this place a charming and peaceful place to enjoy the good life.

Here, where time seems to have stopped, it is an ideal place to travel as a family, escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city and get to know the Mexico of yesteryear; It is a place full of magic, of warm people who smile at you as you pass, greet you and say good morning, little things that are worth a lot.

Experience the adventure of flying in a hot air balloon, watching the sunrise from the air and discovering beautiful landscapes from above, the subject of spectacular photos. On land, you can opt for a pleasant horseback ride along beautiful trails in the surroundings or, if you are an adrenaline lover, you may decide to go on an ATV ride to see the opal mines; semi-precious stones of iridescent colors that are extracted from very hard rocks, to polish them, give them shape and turn them into precious handcrafted jewelery set in gold and silver.

If eating and drinking are your greatest pleasures, what better place than this place to start a journey of colors, aromas, textures and flavors through the Art, Cheese and Wine Route, where a visit to the farms that produce fresh artisanal cheeses and matured, to the vineyards and wine cellars, they will please your palate with unforgettable experiences, such as wine tastings guided by an expert sommelier, who will teach you interesting things about white, red and sparkling Queretaro wines.

Any day of the week is good to take a wine tour and end your day with a lunch or dinner in one of the restaurants that surround the beautiful Plaza Principal de "Tequis", as many of us call it. Dishes of traditional Queretaro, Mexican and international cuisine will be the perfect companions to enjoy and pair with a good bottle of wine.

A visit to fine craft shops and artisan markets is a must, where you will surely find beautiful details to decorate your home, take a gift of jewelry, clothing, accessories and many more surprises.

If you are fond of photography, surely here you will find walking hundreds of unique corners to capture with your camera or cell phone, and show them off on social networks. It doesn't matter if you get tired, the tour can conclude sitting in a cafeteria or wine bar, enjoying a coffee or a good glass of wine and commenting on your experience in this wonderful Magic Town.

Each town is full of myths and legends and Tequis is no exception, because on weekends at night you can enjoy the 'Tour of legends and ghosts' through the streets and houses of the center, in which we are sure you will be transported back in time and you will end up having fun with the story.

Let's not forget that Tequisquiapan being a family destination, children will be amazed to immerse themselves in crystal clear waters of a pool, savor the atmosphere of the town; maybe blowing bubbles, eating a fruit ice cream, a cotton candy, or flying a kite through the surrounding fields.