Visiting Peña de Bernal is an experience. First, climb the natural monolith with a little work, but knowing that the view from the top will be worth  it; and get down from it thinking about where will you eat gorditas (they are irresistible!). Afterwards, go in search of handicrafts to the craft center La Aurora and to carry provisions of sweets, which you say are for you and your family, but deep down you know that you will eat them alone because they are delicious. And at the end of the day, with your bag full of wafers and custard, wait until night arrives to appreciate the monolith, the music and the lights of colors in the nightly show of dancing fountains.

Going to Peña de Bernal is fascinating, and we are thrilled to know that it has honored the name of Querétaro and Mexico by being the winner of the Trust Mark 2017 prize in the category of Magic Towns carried out by Reader's Digest. One more reason to visit it more often and invite other people to join us.

Do not wait too long to visit this tourist destination! It is no coincidence that you have reached one of the most widely read magazines in Europe and the world.

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