To speak of music is to enter into an extensive historical baggage. The first records we have of it go back to our primitive ancestors who took as a reference sounds of nature and sought to imitate them with objects that later led them to discover new sounds. With the passage of time, rhythms have been added and music has become a social and communication act so powerful that it has managed to move entire peoples.

The trova is an example of this; which started in France and then expanded throughout the European continent. The old troubadours made themselves known in the streets, where they sang poetry of their authorship in exchange for money. The genre was extended to America in about 1850, where evolved contemporary troubadours, who in addition to belonging to the romantic genre used the means to create letters of protest. Among the most famous troubadours are people like Silvio Rodríguez, Víctor Heredia, Joan Manuel Serrat, among many others. The genre of trova became a revolution. In our state is celebrated, year after year, the largest congregation of troubadours of Latin America: the Trovafest.

Join the musical poetry of Daniel Drexler, David Filio, Óscar Chávez, Alejandro Filio, Armando Manzanero and all the invited musicians who will set foot on the stages located in the different venues of our Historic Center from November 16 to 19. You can also experiment with this genre and let the poet that inside you flow during the different composition workshops that Aldo Obregón and Carlos Arellano will be offering.

We believe that between music and poetry people understand each other and we hope that Queretaro will be filled with poets and troubadours at this party.

Join the Trovafest 2017!

guitar and trova during the trovafest with edgar oceransky in Queretaro

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