Admire the starry sky in the Sierra Gorda

Querétaro is lucky to have one of the most impressive natural places in the country: the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve.
This natural area has different landscapes and activities that you definitely have to visit. However, there is something you can not ignore and is to live the night in this paradise of stars that brings magic and romance to the darkness that embraces our beloved Sierra as soon as the sun sets. So choose the date and enter this paradise!

* Tip: Check the list of cabins and camps.

Know a vineyard or visit a different one

Querétaro is the second most important region in the world of viticulture in Mexico, since it has 26 vineyards, of which around two million liters of table wines are produced each year. That is why, in order for you to enjoy a unique experience, we have the Art, Cheese and Wine Route.

Experiencing a walk knowing each of the state's wine houses will not only make you discover new Mexican flavors and want to know more about the wine culture, but it will make you live a new adventure every time.

* Tip: To build your own tour, click on the Route Art, Cheese and Wine.

Taste the tantarria sauce of the semi-desert of Querétaro

To know México three things are needed: to know its landscapes, to know its people and to know its gastronomy. For the latter, it is also necessary to travel through time, since pre-Hispanic gastronomy has a peculiarity with insects.

In Querétaro, mainly the municipalities of Ezequiel Montes, Cadereyta and Tolimán preserve the prehispanic gastronomic heritage. For example, tantaria sauce is famous in the region. It is a sauce made with an insect with the same name, which is typical of the region and abounds in the mesquite tree.

Write this down on your list of purposes, visit Tolimán and learn more about our culture.
Do you dare to try it?

Reach the sky in a hot air balloon

The magic of being in the sky is something that is not forgotten and you definitely have to live this 2018. Come and live the experience of ballooning with your favorite person and enjoy the incredible view together.

* Tip: If you are interested in this experience, you should know the packages of Fly in Air Balloon.

Visit the Ilalux Observatory in Huimilpan

Among the things that you can not miss this 2018, is to learn about the universe and astronomy in a visit to the third largest telescope in Mexico, located in Huimilpan. We assure you that after visiting this incredible place you will not see the sky in the same way again.

Here ends our top 5 of things that you have to include in your list of purposes. Come to Querétaro to fill you with good and new memories.

We are waiting for you this 2018!

New Years Purposes in Queretaro

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