The municipality of El Marqués, one of the most historically and traditionally located in the state of Querétaro, has once again been placed in the spotlight of local tourism with its Mole, Ice Cream and Enchilada Fair, which has been organized since 2014 to gather and make known to various producers of the entity, their dishes and desserts, some of which are representative of Queretaro cuisine, in addition to being made in an artisanal way and with an exquisite flavor.

While this event has a simple name, the quality of the products that people have a chance to try is very high. It is even called to compete every year for the best mole and the best Queretana enchiladas of the Fair, where the winners receive various prizes, one of the aspects that makes the Fair of Mole, Ice Cream and Enchilada so attractive ―both for the merchant as for the general public―, since the fun and entertainment offered by this festival is an incentive that occurs naturally with concerts, plays, dance, among other activities that people can enjoy at no cost any.

The Fair is an excellent gastronomic destination for those who love Queretaro and Mexican cuisine in general, because not only can you taste the mole or enchiladas Queretanas ―the star dishes in the three days of this event―, but artisan ice creams, wine products and dairies from El Marqués, not to mention the different shelves of crafts offered by various merchants of the municipality.

The success of this tourist attraction, which occurs in the last days of April, has transcended the borders of the municipality and the metropolitan area, the Fair has extended its horizons with special guests with greater scope in each edition, from producers of the Art Route, Cheese and Wine ―in which the municipality of the Marquis is a part― and other municipalities of Querétaro ―as happened with the Magical Towns of Amealco, Cadereyta, San Joaquín, and Jalpan de Serra―, even guests from other parts of the Republic, like the states of Michoacán, Oaxaca and Puebla.

And if all this is not enough, you could have a few beers (or a glass of natural or cured pulque, if you prefer) in one of the emblematic places of Querétaro, because the pool "El Capulín", where hundreds of commercial stands are based that make up this Fair of Mole, Ice Cream and Enchilada, is neither more nor less than the aquifer origin of the iconic Aqueduct that adorns all the postcards of the state of Querétaro.

So there are no pretexts. You can not miss this gastronomic event that is becoming a tradition every year in El Marqués, and perhaps soon, of the entire metropolitan area in the center of Querétaro.

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