A few years ago, few imagined that pulque would become a drink of tradition and celebration in modern times. Don Óscar Sánchez, a maguey producer in the Boyé community in the municipality of Cadereyta, is one of them and now devotes his time to the cultivation of this Mexican plant; above all, to promote its consumption, its history and its flavor.

‘El Tlachiquero’ is the name of his business, dedicated to the plantation of pulque maguey and the sale of pulque, maguey honey and elaboration of exquisite cured of this pre-Hispanic drink, so revered by our ancestors.

The Boyé community is recognized in the state and throughout the region, for its famous Pulque and Barbecue Fair, but Don Óscar seeks that, in addition, it is a community known for providing a true field experience and people living in their hands the process and value of pulque production.

You can contact them through their Facebook account @eltlachiqueroboye. Once you meet Don Óscar in the Plaza de la Barbacoa, the landscapes that are seen on the road take another direction, rural life is no longer an idea and the semi-desert suddenly leaves the postcards, you always return some I remember, a smell, or just find your mind in silence while you follow the tractor between the mosques, the barking of the dogs and under the clouds that already seem solid flying between the hills.

The experience of the field is different when you share it with someone who has always lived on the earth, who sees her as a mother full of gifts. Don Óscar gives you a couple of hours where the maguey is not only a plant, but a real treasure that the farmer makes the most of and enjoys, a treasure full of myths, linked to the history and life of the people in Mexico, the Maguey is tradition, it is culture, even maguey is science, all landed in a good pulque curing glass that in the end tastes and surprises you by that unique taste, and that clearly distinguishes itself from everything you had tried before.

Without a doubt a different route, a trip that must be known and lived in this corner of Querétaro.

a pulque producer extracts mead from a maguey