There are many reasons why Tequisquiapan has earned the appointment of Pueblo Mágico, and one of the most important is because it is the center of various tourist attractions and the heart of what is known as the Route of Art, Cheese and Wine.

Most of the time, it is difficult to choose a starting point to travel the route, but you can try something that includes a part of everything: nature, a bit of adventure, learning and a total rest before returning to the hustle and bustle of life Everyday city.

If you don't know Tequisquiapan, discovering it is learning and venturing into an area of ​​special tradition: opal extraction and work, wine production and hand-made basketry.


The Opal Mines

A few minutes from the municipal seat of Tequisquiapan, the community of La Trinidad is a small town dedicated to the extraction of opal in the surrounding hills formed millennial rivers of magma, which rose due to land pressure. Inside these rocks, silicon deposits and water vapor formed millions of years of special crystals due to their iridescence, which we know as opals.

The family of Don Héctor Montes, has worked the Redeemer Mine for more than 100 years, but for a little over two decades he has offered the experience of searching for opals directly from the mine and getting to know the artisan work of this stone. semi-precious
The handicrafts that they make with the opal are captivating, especially after having known in depth their origin and the importance of the Redeemer Mine and the opal extraction in the place, one of the largest in Mexico.



Wines with history.

Among the must-see wine attractions in Tequisquiapan, there are Los Rosales Vineyards and San Patricio Vitivinícolacola both with great history behind their wines that share you in each of their tours of the vines and production plants.

Despite its brief existence as a wine house, Los Rosales has harvested salvador grapes since the 1970s and now owns a 12-hectare vineyard that produces Malbec grapes, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Muscat and Merlot, with which they produce their over 15 wine labels, from the sweetest to the dry ones, and from the reds to the pink and sparkling ones. Here, in addition to the traditional vintage and the Wine and Mole Fair, you can come any day of the week to try their products and rest in their large green areas.

For its part, San Patricio has a long tradition that began with the production of sherry a little over twenty years ago. Beyond the technical peculiarities, the tour through its sample of vines and its production plant is a detailed tour of the winemaking that, if not for the containers made of metal, it could be said that the Santiago Apostle Wines are made in a way handmade, full of body and exquisite taste; in addition, the experience does not stay with you and your partner, but their tours include a version for children with grape juice and games for them. Among their tradition, they still make sherry and Damicella, damiana liquor ideal as a digestive and relaxing (even aphrodisiac).



Opals are only a small part of the crafts that distinguish Tequisquiapan from other municipalities of Querétaro, as a characteristic of this Magic Town is the basketry work that has been carried out in the area for generations.

Grupo Olverattan is a success story of Tequesquipenses artisans. His company is dedicated to making furniture, lampshades, woven figures, bags and lots of ornaments based on wicker and synthetic material that are true handicrafts. It currently has 3 stores in the town of Tequisquiapan, but it is worth taking the tours offered through its factory, where you can observe the dedication and skill of its people, which gives all its pieces more than its value commercial.


Relaxation and therapy
In the community of Fuentezuelas, the Temazcal by José Antonio Hernández is a true luxury and an experience that should definitely be tested once in a lifetime. What started as a way to help a friend of yours, is now a true healing project by traditional methods. Rated as one of the best in the country, according to Trip Advisor, it is a real option to rest in the face of the evils caused by stress, entering this pre-Hispanic medical method and letting yourself be wrapped in the mixture of aromas of cinnamon, lemon, cedar , eucalyptus and the whole range of herbs that make up that special steam ... You will be surprised by the effect and sensation of your body when you leave.

Tequisquiapan has overcome the limitations by having great options to eat and stay, where you can find first-class restaurants and hotels, so that one tour through these places, may well end up with a placid and comfortable rest before undertaking the return home .

craftsman's hand showing iridescence of an opal stone