A place with otomí-chichimeca legacy

This municipality worthily bears the name of the great explorer, for the route through Colón is a perfect mixture between the discovery of pleasure and the pleasure of discovery. 

Travel and discover the Soriano Basílica, the Ajuchitlán grove, La Soledad dam and the Pilones Canyon for instance. As part of the Art, Cheese and Wine Route, dairy companies such as VAI Cheese, Flor de Alfalfa and San Francisco Cheese. There are also another two places where you can buy cottage and ground cheese. 

Colón also has an Intangible World Hertiage declared by UNESCO in 2009: the Zamorano Hill.




Jardín Héroes de la Revolución #1, Col. Centro. Colón, Qro.

Contact phones

T. (419) 2920061