Peaceful and photographic paradise

Among its tourist attractions there are country landscapes displaying green plains and bodies of water. It is a municipality that maintains its identity through time; it is common to find indigenous artisans who still wear their typical costumes and keep their traditions alive. 

In this municipality, the pottery works are unequaled, the artisan hands craft the beautiful creations you can find in its alleys and streets. The forests and lagoons that surround Amealco make it an ideal place to practice mountain biking, rappel climbing or sport fishing.  


In the Jajelilo cabins just 15 minutes away from the municipal seat, you can experience a pre-hispanic ritual performance in the temazcal baths. Feel relaxed and get to live an ancient tradition. 

Amealco offers a gastronomic variety that goes back to pre-Columbian times and translates its Otomí and Chichimeca heritage to the demands of modernity. In San Juan Dehedo, the food is particularly delicious. The best day to attend is Tuesday and the specialty is red or green mole.




Plaza de la Constitución #20, Col. Centro. Amealco de Bonfil, Qro.

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T. (448) 2780160

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