The voice of the Sierra

As any other living being, the Sierra Gorda has veins. Through them life travels, it fertilizes the state through canes, forests, jungles and towns, tatooing the surface of the hills with the rumor of the water: this is the voice of the Sierra Gorda. The Río Escanela, in the municipality of Pinal de Amoles, is an ecological core where you can go back to the origins: bath in the Cañón de la Angostura, a 50 m long gentle stream, or internalize in the Puente de Dios, a cave with stalactites. 



Toma la carretera Federal 57 Querétaro-México hasta la desviación a la Sierra Gorda, incorporándose a la carretera estatal 100. El entronque con la carretera federal 120 te llevará hasta Pinal de Amoles, pasando Pinal toma la desviación hacia Río Escanela.

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