Once you are in Santiago de Querétaro, take the most of it

1. Historical places. Querétaro is the center of the national history. Visit the Corregidora’s House, where Doña Josefa Ortíz de Domínguez lived, the Enclosure of Honor of Illustrious People of Querétaro and the Theater of the Republic where Maximiliano from Habsburg was condemned and where the current national Constitution was promulgated.  

2. Museums. Enjoy the expositions and permanent collections in the museums: City’s Museum, House of La Zacatecana, Art Museum, Museum The Magic from the Past, Museum of Restoration, and the Regional Museum.

3. Churches. From the baroque to the neoclassic each facade and many details talk about the Colonial past and the religious life in Querétaro. The city of Querétaro was the third most important city of Nueva España. Visit the Cathedral, the Temple of Santa Cruz and its tree with cross shaped thorns, the church of Santa Clara and the majestic church of Santa Rosa de Viterbo.

4. Houses and legends. With the dawn, the fascinating ancient myths and legends of the houses of the city are reborn. The stores and offices are transformed to the old stories of Chucho el Roto, the Lady of Ecala, the Carambada, the Marquis and other characters. Actors and musicians wander  the alleys and houses each night telling the spooky legends. There are companies that offer a variety of legends through the Historic Center such as the: Night of ghost Appearances in Queretaro (T.140 9123), Legends and Myths of Querétaro (T. 212 4565), Night of Legend (T. 212 3995), Querétaro and its Legends (T. 212 8940), The legends come to Life (T. 22 5191).

5. Gastronomy. Follow your palate and the taste: gorditas in the Jardín Guerrero, tamales in Arteaga street, churros in 5 de Mayo, milkshake in La Mariposa or Querétaro’s enchiladas in El Arcángel.

6. Nightlife. The heart of the city is full of places for all ages, tastes and moods. Walking down 5 de Mayo street you will find options of bars and restaurants to enjoy a good night… without sleeping.

7. Plazas. Querétaro still has a provincial touch in the gardens and plazas of its Historic Center; it makes time to stop and have lots of opportunities to sit in a bench to read the newspaper or to watch everyday life. You can start in the Jardín Zenea, with its nineteenth century quiosc or in Plaza de Armas, with cafeterias in gates, restaurants and terraces.

8. Artcrafts. Know the products made by the hands of the people of Querétaro. Find the looms, embroidery, pottery, ceramics, textiles, sweets and woodwork that result in beautiful handbags, fajillas, tableware and many other gifts. Discover these products in the Casa de las Artesanías in the Andador Libertad No. 52.

9. Hotels with charm. The special characteristic of most of boutique hotels is that they are held in the former homes of the known families of the colonial epoch. Book your stay in one of these hotels and experience the design and history. El Antiguo Mesón de Aspeytia, Quinta Santiago, La Casa del Naranjo, La Casa de la Marquesa o La Casona de La República, among others.

10. Theatre. The capital city has a great variety of places committed to distribute this kind of art, from classic theater to the best contemporary theater, where the spectator is moved by the actor. You cannot miss the Corral de Comedias (Carranza 39) to taste the good province theatre with tasty and plentiful dishes of deli meat, a night with the Cómicos de la Legua (Guillermo Prieto 7), laughter in the Teatrito la Carcajada (5 de mayo 48) or a function in Sol y Luna.



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