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Querétaro is a state very rich in traditions so it is a state where there are is a lot to celebrate. We invite you to discover the festivities that you cannot miss. Know them and make time for the ones that interest you the most.

  1. Festivities of La Cruz. One of the most known of Querétaro for its mysticism and tradition. The Festivities of La Cruz de los Milagros start on September 13th with a big reunion of concheros that dance their chichimeca rituals all the way through the Calzada de los Arcos, up to the Cerro de Sangremal to arrive to the Templo de la Cruz where, legend says, James the apostle miraculously appeared. This night is known as the Velación and his followers dance for more than 10 hours in turns. The celebration lasts until september 15th when the concheros finish their ancient dances to continue with the penance that ends with the mass of Santa Cruz.

  2. The Paseo del Buey, or Ox Walk: it is celebrated in Corregidora municipality, and is a tradition that has been celebrated since 270 years ago to honor the Virgin of El Pueblito. The celebration starts early in the morning. People reunite behind a bovine adorned with colorful flowers and corn cobs, and they parade with it through the city streets. After the parade, when the sun goes down, the ox is sacrificed as a tradition, and it is prepared in different dishes to feed all the followers of Virgin of El Pueblito in a party that brings together the whole town to celebrate with music and dance.

  3. Procession of Silence: The Procession of Silence in Querétaro is a tradition celebrated since more than thirty years ago and it happens every year, during Holy Friday. This tradition has a great list of religious meanings, so it might seem complex, but this ritual will catch your attention for its mystery and religiosity. Enjoy this procession in the streets if the Historic Center of Querétaro and admire mandas, or solemn promises, of its participants.

  4. The rise of El Chimal, festivities of Saint Michael Archangel: The rise of El Chimal is a very impressive tradition that demonstrates the values of unicity, devotion and work in the population of Tolimán. The Chimal celebrates Saint Michael Archangel, it is a great structure built with wood, reeds and leaves of sotol, it is decorated with fruit, bread and flowers. This structure is prepared since July to be risen in the party of September 27th, when the whole community gathers to admire the great Chimal that can even surpass the height of the local church.

  5. Equinox in Bernal: The Peña de Bernal is known not only for its height but also for the sayings that surrounds it. The most famous myth is the one of the energy and longevity that the monolith provides. For this reason it has become a tradition to visit this Magic Town on March 21st during the spring equinox to receive the biggest energy of it. Each year, the warm town welcomes thousands of tourist with a great festival, where different cultural events can be enjoyed such as concerts, prehispanic rituals, and gastronomic samples.

  6. Rooster festivities: In Santiago de Querétaro, in the neighborhood of Hércules, during the month of November, the local families start focusing on one thing only: on building enormous roosters and stars made of reed and paper for the festivity on December 8th. That day the people goes out to the streets with the best of the moods to parade along with the band to arrive to the church of the place where a mass is celebrated to honor the Immaculate Conception. Dance along with the roosters, the stars and the people of Hércules as it has been done since 1875.

  7. Vía Crucis: In the neighborhood of La Cañada in Santiago de Querétaro, one of the most famous traditions is the representation of the passion of Christ that reunites more than 20 thousand people every year. Because of the quality of the event, the enthusiasm, and devotion of the people, this tradition has transcended for more than 50 years and has become in one of the most famous Vía Crucis of the state. Admire this representation during mid-day every Holy Friday.

  8. Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe. La Congregación is a known temple, very traditional of the city of Querétaro, that it is also dedicated to the most important religious icon of México: the Virgin of Guadalupe. For this reason every December 12th, it receives hundreds of tourists and parishioners who, after the traditional mass, celebrate in the streets that surround the temple. In this party the visitors can enjoy the fireworks, live music, and delicious cravings of Querétaro.

  9. Traditional Parade of Querétaro: A way in which the people of Querétaro honored the effort of their ancestors and the beauty of the surroundings, was to organize the Traditional Parade of Querétaro that goes all the way through the most beautiful places of the state. The parade is a beautiful tradition and experience since it goes through the hot paths of the semi desert, the amazing views of the Sierra Gorda and the most historic towns of the state. Join this adventure during the month of July.

  10. Fair of Cheese and Wine: During the month of May, Tequisquiapan opens its doors with an exquisite fair that gathers the best of the land: a wide range of wine labels and a complete list of the best cheeses of the region. In this fair, art is lived as an expression that reunites wine and cheese, along with a diverse program of activities that includes known bands, orchestras, and trending artists.




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