Each one of them has its charm, discover it!

Querétaro has the luck to have 5 Magic Towns. Each has diverse activities to spend an itinerary full of cultural, gastronomic and historic richness. Here we tell you which they are:

Bernal: The journey begins the moment in which you hit the road towards the wonderful town of San Sebastián Bernal. The fascinating landscape are invaded for the semi deserted climate of the zone: a view that invites the visitor to enjoy the energy of the place. The Peña de Bernal is the third largest monolith of the world, and is 350 meters tall, 4,000,0000 tons and 10,000,000 years old. At its foothills you can find the town of San Sebastián de Bernal, Magic Town since 2006. Its traditions, historical relevance and cultural manifestation make this town a beautiful place for every tourist.

Cadereyta: All its bounties allow you to insert yourself in the history that marked the destiny of the Sierra Gorda and its population, for being the place where the conflicts between Spaniards and chichimecas ended.  Its corners have the magic to take you in a recreational tour that makes you travel to the past. It was founded in 1640 with the name of Villa de Cadereyta, and in 1902 its name changed to Cadereyta de Montes in memoir of Ezequiel Montes and a former viceroy. In the municipal head there are two of the most important nursery gardens of the continent: La Quinta Fernando Schmoll and the Jardín Botánico Regional. There, cacti that grow in average one centimeter per year are investigated, reproduced and exhibited. Visit Cadereyta de Montes and live the Magic Town folklore that will captivate since your arrival.

Jalpan: In the heart of the mountain chain you can find Jalpan, founded in 1744 by colonel José de Escandón. Nowadays it has the largest population of the region and has an important touristic offer, besides of being relatively close of all the tourist attractions of the mountain chain, which makes it the best starting point for a trip in this zone. In 2010 it was named Magic Town. Jalpan offers its visitors the Historic Museum of the Sierra Gorda, hosted in one of the oldest buildings of the zone which was a jail for more than 50 years. Since 1991, this building houses and exhibits a representative sample of the artistic, cultural and historic heritage of the Sierra Gorda Queretana, and a hall dedicated to the interpretation of the Reserva de la Biósfera. The beauty of Jalpan is found in its warm climate, in its huge dam, its calmed streets, its historic center, in the diverse menu to have a journey of adventure, in its music and in stepping its warm soil.

Tequisquiapan: Querétaro is part of the second most important wine zone of the country. The climate between the towns of Bernal and Tequisquiapan is the most adequate for the cultivation that will later produce excellent red, pink, white and sparkling wines. Also, there are some dairies that make both fresh products and old sheep, goat and cow cheese. Here you can take a trip in hot air balloon. Any description will not be enough to compare this amazing experience. In the middle of the clouds you can admire the majesty of sunrise that contrasts with the intense colors of the balloon and with the adrenaline that runs through your body when you are being elevated hundreds of meters from the ground. For its water parks, its wines, its cheeses, its historic center, its gastronomy or for the fact of knowing a Magic Town that lives in an everlasting summer, Tequis is the best place.

San Joaquín: In the Sierra Gorda de Querétaro you can find a municipality that outstands for its natural attractions and for being home of new experiences. San Joaquín is known for many things, but we are sure that what makes it more attractive is its people and the warm welcome they give you. After you visit the National Contest of Huapango Huasteco Dance, in the middle of April, you will have the best explanation to understand why is it known as the Huapango Cathedral. If you are looking for culture and history, come and discover Ranas, one of the four archaeological zones of Querétaro. This wonder exposes the origins and shows part of the identity and pride of the municipality, named Magic Town in November 2015.

Amealco:  On October 11, the municipality of Amealco received the appointment as Magical Town. There are plenty of reasons: its landscapes that breathe between green plains and bodies of water, its identity through time, its typical and colorful costumes, among others. In this municipality the pottery works are unequaled, the artisan hands are the root of the beautiful pieces and ceramic utensils that you can find among its alleys and streets. In addition, on August 15, 2018 their handmade dolls were named Intangible Cultural Heritage of Querétaro. Among its attractions are the forests and lagoons that make it an ideal place to practice mountain biking, abseiling or sport fishing.





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