Ceremonial and political center

In the municipality of Corregidora you can know this Prehispanic settlement whose name comes from its resemblance to a small hill. It is made up by a Pyramidal Basin, the Sculpture Plaza, the Dance Plaza, the Obsidian Altar, the Skulls Altar, and the Palace of the Four Altars. Built during the boom of Teotihuacan, El Cerrito worked as a “Tollán”, a ceremonial and political center, since 400 a.C. until the arrival of the Spaniards who appropriated its symbolic value. In this place there have been found traces from the toltecas, chichimecas, purépechas and otomíes. Its most famous stage coincides with the grandeur and influence of toltecas. Numerous examples have been found such as anthropomorphic columns with style of the atlantes and the Chac Mool sculptures that were still in the place during the viceroy epoch. Also, important traces have been found such as sculptures, stones, glyphs, calendars and other figures.

It is possible to know this archaeological zone with the help of guides who offer free and interesting tours.

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