Home of diverse species and the best sightseeing

When you look down deep, one drops as much fascination as breath. With 500 meters of diameter and 450 of freefall, this is truly one of the deepest abyss on Earth. It is also shelter of a great diversity of fauna, among them the green macaw in danger of extinction. When the flocks go out of the pit in the mornings, they give one of the most amazing shows.


The journey to arrive is for the bold: 26 km of earth roads from the community of Puerto de Ayutla and two hours through a dense forest. Practice the activities offered in the one, such as trekking, canyoneering and bird watching.



Para llegar a Santa María de Cocos es necesario tomar, desde Jalpan la carretera No. 29, de Jalpan a Río Verde, desviarte en el km 24 y recorrer 11 km de terracería en buenas condiciones. Ya en Santa María los lugareños pueden ayudarte a llegar a la boca del Sótano.

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