Archaeological oriel with an enviable view

In the beginning of the Sierra Gorda and just three kms away from the former mining town of San Joaquín, in the top of two hills and with a privileged view you can find the ruins of a prehispanic city that was built and inhabited in the years 600 and 1000 d.C.

It is made by three ballgames aligned in a central axis and ceremonial rounded structures that makes it unique. Since the XVI Century until the Spanish Colonization it was occupied by the chichimecas.

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 9h to 17 h.



Desde Querétaro, tomar la carretera federal 57 hasta la desviación a la Sierra Gorda, incorporándose a la carretera estatal 100; tomar la carretera estatal 130 en la desviación a Ezequiel Montes, incorporándose a la carretera federal 120 hasta llegar a la desviación a San Joaquín.

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