Traces enclaved in the heart of the Sierra Gorda

The archaeological zone of Tancama is an excellent option to increase your culture. The semi desert of Querétaro becomes a portrait of the past, so you can discover the presence of a majestic ceremonial center and discover how our ancestors lived their traditions and rituals.

It is a place in which, during Summer Solstice, the sun aligns with the top of Cerro Alto, an artificial hill created in the Prehispanic epoch to simulate a nearby mountain. Made by three uneven squares that mimic the shape of Cerro Alto or Tancama. These constructions were made before 500 a.C.; the names of each building correspond to objects found during the excavations or to specific architectonic characteristics.

In the archaeological zone of Tancama there is also an 18 meters long ballgame that represents one of the smallest of Mexico.

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 8 h to 16 h.



Jalpan de Serra, Qro.

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