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La Biquette produces French-style goat cheese. The cheeses are handcrafted following the French tradition, from the care of the goat to the milk, to the preparation of the cheese, resulting in cream cheese and firm consistency to cut, with a subtle goat flavor. Its French ancestry invites you to enjoy the goat's cheese in a family atmosphere or friends, accompanying long afternoons in which a pleasant chat is shared. La Biquette goat cheese is a product aimed at connoisseurs and food lovers. It has a variety of fresh cheeses, natural and savory, like fine herbs, walnut, ash, olives, all a delight.



Tequisquiapan - Ezequiel Montes km 22.5, Tequisquiapan, Qro. C. P 76750

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T. (414) 219 6069

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