Nature combines itself to create a product without conservatives

If you like cheeses with delicate but intense flavors, visit La Serpentina, a dairy that creates delights.
Feta cheese, goat manchego, fresh natural, saint maure with ashes, boursin with flavors: pepper, walnut, chipotle and garlic with fine herbs, French type crottin, camambert and pyramid are some of the cheeses that for 30 years Peraza performs in a handmade way. In this place you breathe tranquility and fresh air. Nature combines to give way to the creation of a product without any kind of conservative or additive. The most attractive is the dedication and skill with which the process of preparation of each cheese is carried out, which has won international prizes such as the Cheese Guild of Sainte Maure de Touraine, France, and The mountain cheese olympics in Germany.



Carretera México - Querétaro, libramiento a San Miguel de Allende, Km. 13

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T. (442) 139 1961

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