The space to share the great wealth of the culture, knowledge and traditions of our indigenous peoples.


Cultural diversity manifests itself in Querétaro. In a world as globalized as todays, indigenous peoples strengthen day by day their social, political and religious customs; Either through their work in the field or their dedication in the production of extraordinary artistic and craft works.


However, due to factors such as economy and discrimination, many of these contributions and traditions are in danger of extinction.


The Indigenous Artisan Development Center (CEDAI) offers these people the right space, so that they can share with all sectors the great wealth of their culture, knowledge and traditions.


Each indigenous people has its own identity, its essence that makes them particularly different from any other. The great variety of myths, textiles, songs, dances, are only a small part of what they have to express.


This is how the CEDAI located at Allende Sur # 20 in the Historic Center of the city of Querétaro provides a space to promote the cultural and economic growth of indigenous peoples. Where you can find the museum of indigenous art, which will allow you to know a little more about its history and lifestyle.


The exhibition of dolls is something you cannot miss, and the role each plays according to its representation in its cultural context is worth appreciating.


The CEDAI also has spaces for the exhibition of cultural events and craft workshops, where you can enrich yourself, even more with the cultural diversity of the area.


Similarly, you can buy something extraordinary and unique in your craft market, and thus, support the local economy and promote the great skills that craftsmen have. You can find everything from bracelets, shoes, clothes, key chains, bags, paintings, embroidery, dolls, candy and even food and garden products. You will be fascinated!


Definitely a truly enriching place, do not miss the opportunity to know a little more about what our Mexican culture has to offer. Visit it soon!


Public hours are from Wednesday to Sunday, from 9 am to 7 pm. The entrance is free.



Allende Sur #20, Centro, 76000 Santiago de Querétaro, Qro.

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