In honor of St. Michael the Archangel


Every September 27, in the community of San Miguel Tolimán the Chimal is erected as a closing of the patron saint's feasts in honor of San Miguel Arcángel.

The chimal is a large structure of approximately 23 teachers which is raised in the tower of the village church. It is made of sotol leaf, wood, reeds and is adorned with flowers, fruits, sweets, bread and even tortillas. To the rhythm of the music and dances of the shitales, majors and freighters, the chimal is "bathed" of aguardiente in appreciation to the abundance received all the year.

The uprising reflects the placement of an emblem that shelters the community of bad omens, a symbol of pre-Hispanic resistance to the viceroyal forces and protector of semi-desert culture in the 21st century; an unforgettable tribute to mestizo fervor.



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