To be a true champion ... only in San Joaquin!

San Joaquín is a beautiful and picturesque municipality of the Sierra Gorda queretana, the birthplace of Huapango Huasteco. Since 1969, it has been held at Huapango Huasteco National Dance Contest, which aims to promote, disseminate and preserve the traditions of the Huasteca region.

In this event, which takes place during the month of April, this musical and dance genre is also called "Son huasteco." Year after year, the competition continues to increase its quality and ability to convene by recording the participation of more than 500 couples in their last editions. Throughout the life of the contest, more than 10,000 couples from different parts of the country have been registered, mainly from the Six Huastecas and from states such as: Guerrero, Colima, Oaxaca, Guanajuato, State of Mexico and City from Mexico.
In this contest all those couples who wish, from the age of three, participate, as long as they meet the requirements. There are four categories: Small Huapangueros, Infantil, Juvenil and Adults; and six styles are danced: Veracruzano, Tamaulipeco, Hidalguense, Potosino, Queretano and Poblano.

The qualifying jury is composed of two connoisseurs from each of the huastecas in the huapango huasteco dance art; who will evaluate rhythm, choreography, stage projection, costumes and precision, among other aspects.

The prize money is more than $ 224,000.00 pesos in cash, which will be distributed among the winners of each of the categories; as well as the most important prize of the event, the statuette "Moon of Fire", work of the teacher: Braulio Segura Chávez, artist Sanjoaquinense.

The competition is enlivened with live music by the best trios in the country such as: Genuinos de Hidalgo, Huapangueros Diferentes, Juglar, Los Reales de Colima, Los Hidalguenses and Cantores del Alba.

The National Contest of Huapango Huasteco, based in the Pueblo Magico de San Joaquin, proud home of the Huapanguera family, has transcended in such a way that it is the most important cultural event of its kind in the country.



San Joaquín, Querétaro

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