Belts, purses, bags, jackets, and leather goods.

Querétaro has several municipalities dedicated to the art of saddlery, for example Cadereyta, Huimilpan or El Marqués. But there is a craft town that stands out for this art. Located just 25 minutes from the city of Querétaro, is the community of San Vicente Ferrer.

The story says that San Vicente Ferrer was formed when the inhabitants of the former hacienda abandoned it because it was flooded in 1943, giving rise to this new settlement. In 1979, the saddlery started in Querétaro, when the Briones Valencia family returned after having learned the trade in the cities of Mexico and Guadalajara, in the decade of the sixties.

The saddlery is worked in workshops composed mainly by relatives. Approximately 20 families run workshops and 30 to 40 families have shops. The first workshops were established by Mr. Juan Briones in the year 1969, nine years after his return to his homeland. The leather has a long process of more than a month, as it is first preserved in salt, dried, hydrated, stretched, painted and smoked. Most of the leather is purchased in the state of Mexico or in Leon, Guanajuato. For the designs, they complement each other, as they exchange their products and offer work opportunities in the workshops and stores.

This community sells all kinds of items such as belts, purses, bags, jackets, of different sizes and styles, for all ages. One of the advantages of this art in our state is that the way they work the skin is still very handmade, having an excellent quality and very affordable prices.

We invite you to know this amazing job in this community or any other municipality of Querétaro.



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