A unique concept at national level.

Ánimas is a museum with a unique concept in its type at national level because of its authenticity in the high level of its artistic and professional quality.

It has an interactive tour through an audio system with an approximate duration of one hour, during which you will discover 17 legends of ghosts and supernaturalbeings that have been represented by 32 impressive sculptures accompanied by scenographies, videos, illustrations, photographs, texts and impeccable museography that will make your visit one of the most unforgettable and perhaps terrifying experiences of your life.

Ánimas is also an integral cultural space that has several areas dedicated to culture, recreation and social integration. In its gallery you can appreciate the temporary art exhibitions, and its multipurpose room is ideal for teaching courses, diplomas and conferences. You can also enjoy good coffee and excellent dishes in its cozy cafe.

Located in the historic center of Querétaro, Ánimas is a terrifying experience that you cannot miss!

museo de animas fantasmas y leyendas de queretaro apariciones niños miedo



Allende norte número 33 Queretaro

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