Five minutes from San Joaquin.

On the way to the community of San Cristóbal, this recreational park is located. Ideal for camping, it has large tracts of land surrounded by pines and cedars, as well as basic services. Excellent for picnics, riding a bike and enjoying nature.

Enjoy the cool weather and find a space to live with your family, breathe fresh air, play ball, collect acorns, make small aromatic mountains with the branches of the pines, laugh and tell family stories sitting on a blanket. Dare to leave the paths to immerse yourself in the forest among the immense pines and cedars that paint the landscape on a mountain bike, a quad bike or riding a horse.

Set aside a table with your grill near the playground and organize a picnic lunch. At the end of the afternoon, prepare a fire in specially designed and controlled areas for your comfort and safety. Rent a cabin or ride your camp to sleep in contact with nature and explore the starry nights of the area. Do not miss the famous taco goat that is prepared throughout the region.

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Campo Alegre, Puerto de la Laguna, San Joaquín, Qro.

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T. (442) 169 2184

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