Live the complete experience of Bernal.

Ecoturismo Los Cuervos, is a tour operator located in Villa de San Sebastián Bernal. That in addition to offering guided tours through the historic center of Bernal, offers tours for any experience; from exploring and taking a safari to one side of the rock, as well as reliving the legends in a night tour through the streets of Bernal, accompanied by rituals and pre-Hispanic dances, to finally end with a show of dancing fountains.

The tours they offer are not only in Bernal. The tour operator also has wine routes, where they offer the necessary transfers to visit the Finca Sala Vive by Freixenet, visit a cactus greenhouse and even visit the Museo del Dulce. On the other hand, the cheese and wine tour is the most complete, since it includes all the points of visit in the Ruta del Vino and also the Rancho La Hondonada, where besides knowing the cava, you can enjoy a guided tour through the prairies.



Iturbide 1, Bernal, Querétaro

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T. (441) 116 5269

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