Surrounded by the imposing Sierra Gorda.

Located in a municipality with incredible natural landscapes, the Bucareli Ex convent is a space for meeting and dialogue, a space to protect part of the social wealth and gather testimonies of the splendid past to share with others. You will be surprised not only by its construction that resembles a medieval castle, but because it is surrounded by the imposing Sierra Gorda.

It began its construction on September 22, 1896. Its founders were Fray Ángelo Ruiz y Ruiz, Fray Isidoro M. Ávila, Fray Salvador Monroy, Fray Domingo García and Fray Pacífico Rendón, Franciscans from the province of San Pedro and San Pablo de Michoacán. This place was destined to be the last of the Franciscan Missions of the Sierra Gorda.

Inside there are two patios adorned with arches and a fountain in the center, as well as cells and a large unfinished church. In addition, it has a chapel and a dressing room or sacristy that are not from the same period but were built by Fray Mariano Aguilera of the Franciscan order of the Santa Cruz de Querétaro in the year 1868 along with three more rooms than the inhabitants of the area called El Conventito. The three rooms were removed to accommodate the current Ex-convent of Bucareli. Within this one are more than 450 volumes of diverse theology treatises written in Latin.

The place also has a museographic space in which converges the will to work and part of Bucareli's historical heritage. To get there, you will pass through a dirt road of 22 kilometers, from the community of La Quebradora, at kilometer 135 of the national highway 120 San Juan del Río Xilitla.



Carretera SJR-XILITLA Desviación kilómetro 135 a 24 km de la cabecera municipal Bucareli

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