The smallest of the five Missions.

It was founded by Fray Antonio de Murguía and was completed in 1754. In addition to Saint Michael the Archangel, St. Peter, St. Paul, St. Fernando and St. Roque are represented on its doors. Another peculiar feature of this Mission are the vines that accompany the columns of the façade: they may be corn or vine, representative crops of the New and the Old World, unmistakable signs of cultural syncretism.

Finally, on the sides you can also see the two-headed eagles, with the peculiarity that they are accompanied by a rabbit, which the pames related to the lunar calendar and the change of the seasons.

mision san miguel conca en queretaro

mision san miguel conca en queretaro




Carretera del Rio- Xilitla Centro Jalapa de Serra, Arroyo Seco 76340 Qro.

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T. (487) 874 2110

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