The triumph of the baroque.

This temple is dedicated to the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception, the facade is composed of three bodies topped by a mixtilinear pediment, in whose center is Saint Michael Archangel with the demon at his feet, represented by a dragon.

In its facade-book there are Franciscan teaching symbols, such as the inclusion of the scholars and protectors of the order Juan Duns Escoto and María de Agreda, as well as autochthonous representations of sirens and unmistakable indigenous faces. In addition to the three founding martyrs, foundations of faith: Christ, Saint Peter and Saint Paul. For all these references, according to scholars, its facade as a whole represents the Christian notion of The City of God.

When you visit this Mission you will notice that the work in quarry is more delicate, this is because the indigenous artisans who built it had greater experience not only with the material but with the representation of religious figures. Therefore, Landa is considered the symbol of the final peace of the Sierra Gorda.

mision santa maria del agua de landa en queretaro


mision santa maria del agua de landa en queretaro



San Esteban, Landa de Matamoros, Qro.

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