The fourth Mission to be built.

San Antonio Tancoyol is the correct name of the town where the religious group of Nuestra Señora de la Luz is located. It is estimated that its possible author is Fray Juan Ramos de Lora, who lived there from 1761 to 1767.

In its cover you can see a jaguar in one of the masks, which tops one of the columns that combine styles stipite and Solomonic. Its facade is iconographically the most elaborate of the five missions and is distinguished by having five streets. It is dedicated to the Virgin Our Lady of the Light, although the image that was removed from its site.

At each end, it presents six figures of angels represented with elements of the Passion: the whip and the Holy Face, the column of the scourging with the hand of the slap, the ladder, the cross and the mallet, a cluster of grapes and the spear, among others. It differs from the rest by having a scene of the stigmatization of Saint Francis of Assisi on the central window.

mision nuestra señora de la luz de tancoyol en queretaro

mision nuestra señora de la luz de tancoyol en queretaro



Tancoyol, Jalpan de Serra, Qro.

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T. (441) 296 0245

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